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Three quick anti-aging steps in 4.0 with Chucos Nutrient Enriched

The Chucos Nutrient Enriched range of products is a testament to the advancement of the 4.0 era when wrinkles, crow’s feet and signs of aging can be quickly treated with only 3 products: cleanser face, serum, and cream. With rich natural ingredients, Nutrient Enriched promises the ability to nourish the skin from deep within, thereby improving elasticity and firmness.

Three quick anti-aging steps in 4.0 with Chucos Nutrient Enriched
Chucos Nutrient Enriched

Chucos Refreshing Cleanser: Cleansing but still rich in moisture

Cleaning is the most critical step in every skincare process. When the makeup and dirt are completely removed, the skin will quickly absorb the nutrients in the following steps.
Chucos Refreshing Cleanser is a light, silky liquid that gently crept into the nooks and crannies of the face, removing dirt and excess oil in each pore. For those who only use sunscreen or light makeup, this cleanser can completely clean effectively. However, if you often wear heavy makeup, use waterproof mascara, matte cream … you still need an extra step of makeup remover to optimize for the skin.

The product is a non-foaming, soft texture that significantly reduces friction between fingers and skin during use. The Chucos Refreshing Cleanser leaves a smooth, moist film on the skin after cleansing with natural fatty acids. This is the unique feature that makes up the moisturizing ability of this cleanser.

Chucos Phyto Aura Revital Lift Serum: Moisturizing effect from the first use

Three quick anti-aging steps in 4.0 with Chucos Nutrient Enriched

The main ingredient of this essence is yeast Galactomyces, a yeast rich in amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and minerals capable of bringing youthful, firm and elastic skin. To see the anti-aging effect, you need to use the product regularly for at least 3 months. However, after just one use of Chucos Phyto Aura Revital Lift Serum, you can immediately notice the moisturizing effect of the product.
This essence has a liquid texture, transparent color, does not penetrate too quickly but slowly dissolves into the skin. Its moist film can remain up all night until the next morning. Chucos Phyto Aura Revital Lift Serum does not cause a greasy or uncomfortable feeling but leaves the skin hydrated extremely. The product nourishes the skin from deep within, prevents the aging process, returns the radiant youthfulness with firm skin.

Revitalize Cream: Revitalize Cream: An indispensable finish for youthful skin

Chucos ends its 3-step anti-aging cycle with a “divine” moisturizer. Revitalize Cream is quite thick; you only need to use a small amount of cream to cover the entire face. This cream does not penetrate too quickly, and you should warm your fingers and apply evenly for about 1 minute to the cream completely dissolves into the skin.
The moisture that Chucos Revitalize Cream brings is more abundant than Revitalize Cream. The skin after application of the cream becomes moisturized and full, wrinkles formed by lack of moisture are also inflated. This moisturizing effect can be maintained throughout the day; completely peeling skin areas are improved after only one use.

Ingredients Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder in the cream helps deep clean the pores, easily pushing deep into the skin. When using Revitalize Cream with cleanser, the essence of the same set, you will notice a noticeable rejuvenation effect.

With Chucos’ Nutrient Enriched range, anti-aging is now simpler than ever. The good natural ingredients combined with the new technology from the Thai brand will make every woman’s dream of “turning back the clock” a reality. Most importantly, don’t forget to start anti-aging as soon as possible.