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5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

Science has proven that costume colors change the mood and the way people treat us. So your wardrobe has the “happy” colors below yet?

According to research by Keith Jacobs and Frank Hustmyer in 1974, the color of a costume can change a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. So which colors will help you feel better and spread positive energy to people around you?

Fresh green

Green brings a sense of security. In the brain, the closest association with this color gamut is the “allowed to go straight” message in traffic. Green is also the color of the “mother nature,” the color of the green trees daily purifying the air and creating oxygen that nurtures all species.

5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

Green with a light tint makes the eyes feel comfortable. Therefore, this is the ideal choice for office assistants who spend all day in front of a computer screen. Gentle mint pastel blue is very suitable for Asian girls’ skin tones. If you like the brighter green, pair it with white or black items. For accessories, you can choose items with brown tones, colors that often appear green.

Blue relaxation

In a 1999 study at Creighton University, the color had a significant effect on employee productivity and mood. Accordingly, a room with more blue will help regulate heart rate, reduce stress. Employees also say they feel more focused and calmer at work.

5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

This is also the most popular color around the world. The root cause is this: blue is the color of the sky. For a child, this is the color associated with the outdoors. When growing up, the green color represents the clear sky and the fresh air. Blue clothes create a confident and trustworthy impression on the opposite person. This is also the reason that members of his royal family often wear this colorful costume.

On “blue and yellow” days, blue is the best color to light up the mood. Blue skirts from lightweight materials such as satin, silk bring a sense of comfort, helping you look radiant in travel photos.

Yellow – the color of sunshine

5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

The “color of sunshine” is associated with warmth and travel and is considered the color of happiness. Therefore, many baby products or logos of fast food brands often use yellow. According to some studies, yellow also helps increase muscle strength and stimulate brain activity. Yellow clothes also bring you positive energy, help cheer the mood, and encourage creativity.
The different shades of gold, such as cream color, chicken fat yellow, light beige, are elegant tones without any skin tones. Besides white, black, the two “safest” colors, you can mix yellow costumes with complementary colors such as purple, blue, to create a total personality.

Young and bright orange

Composed of red and yellow, this is a color that is both “fun” and energetic. The “joy” of orange often involves sharing and connecting in a collective. If yellow is the color of summer sunshine, oranges symbolize autumn – the harvest season in temperate countries. With the same name as the fruit that is high in vitamin c, we unconsciously associate this color with health.

5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

Agarwood is a particular color tone for Asian skin tones. This is the color that always belongs to the top bestselling line in lipstick, solder powder, crown makeup with orange tones is still accessible regardless of the time of year. So, the outfit with the same tone will create a complete whole. Oranges can be combined smoothly with colors like beige, light yellow, or dark brown.

Sweet pink tones

Capital is associated with femininity, innocence, and pink, which make people think of the feeling of being loved and cared for girls. While red is the color of passionate love, pink represents romantic love. The pink gemstones are believed to alleviate unpleasant sensations.

5 Color Of Your Clothes Affect Your Mood

Gold accessories and pastel pink outfits are a “combo” that creates a soothing beauty. The color matching is the perfect “formula” for girls who love feminine style. After a busy week, you wear pink clothes or accessories when walking around the city, meeting your friends to energize as well as dispel negative emotions.