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8 Things Introverts Are Perfectly Happy Doing Alone

Introverts are often misunderstood as the type of person does not communicate with anyone, just like a mysterious creature from another planet that no one can understand. The truth is not so. Introverts can still be optimistic, enjoy life like anyone; their happiness always comes from within, not from interacting with the outside world as extroverts.

8 Things Introverts Are Perfectly Happy Doing Alone

An introverted person is an approachable person and is not difficult to build relationships with. However, Introverts enjoy time alone, quietly solve problems in their heads, show little ideas through words, sometimes exhausted because they have to communicate too much.

Because of these characteristics, introverts are easily equated with timidity, shyness, coldness. Instead of rushing to judge others, try to learn how to understand them first. Along Cafeup.net, discover what the things that can bring happiness to people with introverted personalities are!

1. Spend more time with yourself

This is a must on the list of joys of introverts because too long contact with others and the happenings around will exhaust them. Introverted people value quiet space when alone, not they hate being with you.

8 Things Introverts Are Perfectly Happy Doing Alone

Time spent with oneself gives introverted people a feeling of excitement and suspense, similar to a happy party after a long working week for extroverts. It is the reward, is all they expect at the end of the day, whether sad or happy, tired or energetic.

Since no one can altogether avoid social interaction, regular breaks are essential for them to take care of their mental exhaustion, think better, and “charge the battery” to welcome the new day.

2. Good books

If given the option, the introvert would probably choose to be friends with a book instead of being human. Books are sweet “pie” for the fertile imagination of introverted people, allowing them to enjoy countless vivid experiences in mind. They value books better than any superficial social relationship. Few close friends and a shelf full of books, that’s how happy.

8 Things Introverts Are Perfectly Happy Doing Alone

3. Nature

Watching birds, walking on the grass, watching night stars, or romantic outdoor nights, nature is always the healing center of introverts. They enjoy the connection with the peaceful solace of the natural world. Being in harmony with nature helps them to “revive” their clear mind whenever social interactions drain their energy.

4. Write

Introverts like to interact, communicate through written language. They do not often express their feelings, feelings through words, and writing, allowing them to “get lost” in their minds, creating masterpieces. Journaling is also the way introverts track, mastering thoughts, emotions that cannot be put into words.

John Green – author of the famous book “The Fault in Our Stars” (when the fault belongs to the stars) – once said: “Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.

5. Profound conversations

For introverted people, the social exchanges, superficial visits just wasted valuable time on both sides. They don’t like to ask “what?” “Huh?” and always love the question “why?”. Born with an introverted personality, they are willing to dig deep, explore to the core of every problem.

Deep, meaningful conversations are an essential spiritual training exercise for introverts because that is the emotional intimacy they seek. Dr. Laurie Helgoe writes in the book “Introverted power,” 2008, “Introverts hate small talk because we hate the barrier it creates between people.”

6. Working from home

Introverts take advantage of every possible opportunity to work from home. Not going to the office means not having to brainstorm brainstorming meetings, not having to deal with ten million “drama” types in the workplace, nor getting enough noise to overwhelm your productivity.

Their minds are like a pot of boiling water, forcing them to make more effort to stay focused when others are around. Nothing can replace the joy, comfort, and privacy of your 4 walls of your room whenever you need to work.

8 Things Introverts Are Perfectly Happy Doing Alone

7. Dialogue with yourself

Introverts think or talk to themselves. In their heads, there always seemed to be a small voice analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each decision, reflecting on moments of happiness and suffering in the past, revealing things they never dared to tell others to know.

Not only thinking in their heads, but they also spoke loudly when talking to themselves. They told naturally like no, never mind that it was an odd habit. It helps them to enlighten, clear up the troubles, and deadlock in mind. They choose to open themselves to themselves, instead of seeking out external relationships like extroverts.

8. Date yourself

Dating yourself is a little different from spending time alone. Introverts need time apart in the room to rest, talk to themselves, but they also need days of going out and pampering themselves without a companion.

They plan to go out on their own, just as exciting as the date of their lover: gorgeously eating at a good restaurant, going to the cinema to watch their favorite movie, challenging with adventurous experiences. Save, unique adventure. They do not need anyone else to go to feel happy, or to enjoy the fun, small discoveries in life.