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Best holiday makeup tricks for everyone

Makeup is one fun and essential thing for every girl. But during holidays, one may often feel bored or lazy to keep that makeup look on. So, the following are a few best holiday makeup tricks for you.


Christmas Red


No color suits your holiday looks like the color red. One perfect way to add more red to your makeup look is through lipstick. The darker the lip shade is, the more you get noticed. Bright red lipstick on your lips will create magic on your face with a whiter smile without visiting a dentist. When you wear bright lipstick, it instantly adds up the brightness to your face make you stand out from the crowd. Not only do you feel more confident, but you also look at it too. For more stylish looks, match your bright red lipstick to your nails. As red lipstick is not for every day, take advantage of special events and occasions to show off your extra ruby lips.

Best holiday makeup tricks for everyone

Holiday golds

If you wish your holiday to be more glamour and sparkler, gold is the perfect color for you. Add up a little extra gold with your makeup colors during the cold season to sparkle all day. You can also try zesty citrus for your cheeks and lips for a fresh holiday look. Spice up with gold polish on toes and fingers. A little gold glitter can be used as a spray into your hair. Find a few ways to sneak gold into your makeup color to make your night-outs more special. For a complete holiday gold makeup look, add few drops of liquid gold shimmer with your regular foundation. You can also add the liquid gold shimmer to your body lotion or your face cream for a complete golden holiday look.

Best holiday makeup tricks for everyone

Glitter and gloss holiday look

If you wish to add extra sparkle to your holiday look, it is right to add some accents instead of overdoing it. You can try choosing a little frosty pale eye shadow that matches your pinky-peach cheeks for a perfect holiday look. Add shimmer gloss around the eye area or put some pearlescent lip color to make your holiday glitter and gloss look more attractive. You can also use glitter mascara for more fun. Sprinkle a little gold glitter on your face as a final touch. Sprinkle on your brow bone, outer eyes, and a dot at the center of your lips. All the glitters are not used for the same purpose; the more giant sprinkles are great for attention-grabbing, while for a subtle highlight, it is recommended to go with the petite versions.

Holiday makeup tricks for your special occasions

  • Try to match up your face makeup with your dress code; add more dramatic makeup for fancier clothes.
  • Use a shimmer stick available in the market to highlight your makeup on cheekbones to brighten your look.
  • Use a cool washcloth to remove the leftover foundation on your face.
  • Try some dramatic makeup looks during the holidays, but make sure that you don’t go overboard.

Best holiday makeup tricks for everyone

Thus, keep the above-mentioned makeup tricks in mind and rock on your holiday makeup look.