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Cleaning is not enough if you lack this step in the skincare routine

It is not difficult to realize that protecting the skin from environmental impacts is the beauty trend of the era, it is also effortless to find the phrase “anti-pollution” on the labels of any cosmetic bottles. It can be said that “anti-pollution” is a keyword, so the new face of the beauty industry has passed.

Cleaning is not enough if you lack this step in the skincare routine
Cleaning the skin is not enough

Before entering the body, exhaust, water, sunlight, smoke, put pressure on the skin first. Dust in the air causes pores to clog, skin acne and dullness, and in the long run, also cause dermatological diseases. UV rays damage cells, break down elastin and collagen bonds, produce free radicals that cause the skin to age quickly, even to cause cancer.
The birth of anti-pollution cosmetics comes from this fact. In August 2014, Japanese brand Shiseido launched Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum – an essential vial that activates the defense function, increasing the skin’s resistance to harmful elements. This is also the first invention in the cosmetic industry to promote the activities of Langerhans – cells that control the skin’s defense function. With this technology, Ultimune has been awarded 31 patents and won countless beauty awards around the globe.

Cleaning is not enough if you lack this step in the skincare routineAfter Shiseido, a series of other cosmetic brands have joined. The declaration of war on dust and smoke is expressed by-products that incorporate skin protection. In early 2016, after 20 years of researching a solution to soothe and relieve skin stress, Chanel introduced La Solution 10 de Chanel Sensitive Skin Cream – a cream that acts as a shield to shield all elements of external harm. In 2017, Dior improved the formula of the One Essential product line: protecting the skin from industrial dust, traffic, sunlight, and emissions from household appliances such as refrigerators, gas stoves, and air conditioners. Sunscreen creams, essences, eye creams of One Essential series all uphold the function of pollution prevention.
On what principle does anti-pollution cosmetics work?

Toxins in the air, when in contact with skin, will produce free radicals and reduce the amount of squalane – the natural antioxidant factor of the skin. Free radicals are molecules that lack an electron charge. They always tend to “steal” electrons from surrounding molecules to balance their structure. In the process of “robbing,” they break down the skin structure, creating wrinkles
To preserve the structure, the skin needs another force that, on its behalf, gives away electrons for free radicals. Those forces are antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, green tea extract, or seaweed. Anti-pollution cosmetics are responsible for providing these antioxidants with the skin.

But anti-aging cosmetics also contain antioxidants, so can it replace the use of anti-pollution cosmetics? The answer is case sensitive. If anti-aging cosmetics contain ingredients that increase the defense of the epidermis and restore skin damage such as niacinamide, gotu kola extract, sunflower seed oil, canola oil, apricot kernel oil, etc. pollution prevention. If an anti-aging product only contains ingredients that function to improve skin structure, cell regeneration, collagen proliferation, such as retinoids, collagen, peptides …, it is merely a product that repels the signs of time.
We all breathe the same atmosphere – the free resource is so alarmed with the pollution that in many places, people have to spend money to buy clean air. So if “acne treatment” is the favored keyword for girls in the twenties, “anti-aging” is the biggest goal of those who turn 30, “anti-pollution” is not a problem for themselves. The earth has reached the limit of tolerance, so is your skin, so invest yourself in the best anti-pollution cosmetics right now.

3 steps of anti-pollution skincare

Deep cleaning

Cleaning is not enough if you lack this step in the skincare routine

Double cleansing (cleansing oil – cleanser) or triple cleansing (cleansing oil – makeup remover – cleanser) are effective in removing dirt. Besides, you should use a new machine to wash your skin thoroughly.

Soothing and antioxidant

Cleaning is not enough if you lack this step in the skincare routine
Cleaning skin is not enough

Essences, creams containing vitamins A, C, E, seaweed extract, green tea, moringa, grape, pomegranate will enhance the skin’s ability to fight against pollution agents. If you find your skin shows signs of burning, redness, irritation, look for products containing aloe vera juice or Gotu kola extract.


Drink detox water (celery, kale, lemon, cucumber, etc.) every day in combination with saunas, apply an activated charcoal mask or clay twice a week to purify toxins from the inside out.