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Dark lips – The suffering of no one

Beautiful and plump lips are a powerful “weapon” of every woman. But bruises can ruin everything. Using lipstick doesn’t fix the problem either! So, what is the cause, and is there any effective treatment for lip contour? Let’s find out!

Dark lips - The suffering of no one

The cause of dark lips

The lips are one of the most delicate and sensitive skins on the female body. This is also a vulnerable area and darkens over time. According to the scientists explained, the cause of lip hyperplasia is caused by damaged melanocytes, melanin stimulation, and concentration on the lips. Several common causes can be mentioned, including:

Frequent biting and licking lips: This habit causes the natural oils on the lips to disappear, causing the lips to lose its barrier and lead to dryness, cracking, and darkening.

Dark lips - The suffering of no one
Lips dry and dehydrated: It’s not natural that your lips will turn darker when winter comes. The reason is that the cold weather and dry air lead to dehydration faster and become darker.
Do not shield when it is sunny: Lips also need more protection when it is sunny.
Smoking and using a lot of caffeine: The nicotine contained in cigarettes is a significant factor in smokers’ lips contour. Meanwhile, caffeine also makes dark lips and teeth yellow.
Lead-rich lipsticks: Poor quality lipsticks that contain a lot of lead will cause lip lines.

How to remove lip contour effectively

Eat a variety of colorful vegetables

Dark lips - The suffering of no one

Colorful vegetables will add vitamins that are beneficial for the body and gradually improve the pigmentation of the lips from the inside. You can use lemon juice, lemon, olive oil, or sandalwood powder in combination with turmeric to enhance the lip contour.

Exfoliate and condition lips

Dark lips - The suffering of no one

If the next time you go to a skincare salon, think about taking care of your lips. Depending on the condition of each person, the frequency of shedding for lips is also different. Besides, you can also create your natural exfoliating blend from familiar ingredients. The simplest and most popular lip exfoliation formula is a mixture of brown sugar, honey, and some lemon juice.

Another note is that after exfoliation, you should focus on lip balm. You can use lip balm or natural ingredients like fresh milk, olive oil, honey, or yogurt instead.

Choose a lipstick that is benign and has SPF

Dark lips - The suffering of no one

Invest in quality lipsticks instead of pity money to pose a threat to your pretty lips. Also, to optimize, you should choose lipsticks containing SPF sunscreen.

Beauty technology

If the darkness of your lip rim is out of control, consider technology help. Spraying can be a solution, but you should look to reputable facilities to ensure safety.