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Hooded Eyes – Eyelid Surgery Cost and Financing

Hooded Eyes - Eyelid Surgery Cost and Financing
Hooded Eyes – Eyelid Surgery Cost and Financing

1.What is eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid surgery is a simple and quick procedure, only with gentle manipulation in the eyelids. However, not everyone can cut eyelids and own for themselves beautiful eyes. There are only a few cases that are within the subject of eye surgery and each one is suitable for a certain surgery method.
If you have one of the following signs, think of a double eyelid surgery solution:
+ Eyes with unclear folds
+ Eyes only have one eyelid, tail or sloping eyes
+ The upper eyelid has puffiness and swelling
+ Eyelids hooded eyes due to aging
+ The eyelids are uneven, one side is big, and the other is small
Even for those who have conducted the eyelids surgery, the sewing thread has slipped or wants to remove the eyelid. Then it is imperative to conduct eyelid surgery to get beautiful and harmonious and natural eyes. Eyelid cutting technology to overcome eyelid collapse, along with precise, meticulous implementation techniques in each step, only affects the epidermis and determines the location of fat and excess skin to remove them.
Then fix the eyelash cartilage and eyelid skin with aesthetic thread by skillful and meticulous stitching without causing deep invasion affecting the eyesight.
Besides, during the procedure, hooded eyes surgery will not cause any health damage, so you can leave immediately after the process without spending time on convalescence.

2. How much does eyelid surgery cost?

Therefore, the cost of eyelid drooping surgery depends on the severity of the eyelid collapse of each customer, and the doctor will advise the most reasonable price of eyelid drooping.

In comparison to more major forms of cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty can be done for a relatively low cost. On average, eyelid surgery will cost around $5,000, though some doctors may charge as low as $1,500 and others as much as $9,000.

3. The Eyelid Surgery Process

The process of eyelid droop surgery is carried out in a standard, closed procedure in 5 steps as follows:
– Step 1: The doctor will examine to determine the status of your actual eyes and advise you on the most effective remedy.
– Step 2: The doctor will perform the measurement and draw a new eyelid line for you, based on the actual structure of your eyes.
– Step 3: The doctor will disinfect and anesthetize the entire eyelid area to ensure the best performance for you.
– Step 4: Based on the position of the crease line that has just been determined, the doctor will use a modern plasma cutter to cut accordingly accurately. At the area of the newly created eyelid cut line, the doctor will skillfully remove the excess fat, sagging skin present at the eyelids. Finally, the doctor will close the cut with a biological aesthetic, and combine the thread to lift the eyelid muscle completely eliminating the phenomenon of eyelid drooping.
– Step 5: At the end of the procedure, you will be taken to the postoperative restroom, and the doctor will give you a prescription and how to take care of your eyelids at home.

4. Notes After Conducting Surgery

For long-term cosmetic results, the eyes quickly recover after eyelid surgery collapsed. You need to pay attention to the following:
– In the first 1-2 days after surgery, the eyelids will collapse, the eyes will be slightly swollen. At this time you can drink fresh turmeric water, bear bile and cold compresses to reduce pain and hematoma.
– Keep eye hygiene clean.
– No makeup, flushing water directly in eyes.
– Do not rub or touch the eyes.
– Do not use stimulants, beef, seafood,.. until the eye heals to prevent pus, scarring, and long-time to heal.
– Take medication and follow-up appointments.
– Get enough sleep, and don’t let your eyes work too long.

5. Eyelid Surgery Results

Hooded Eyes - Eyelid Surgery Cost and Financing
Hooded Eyes – Eyelid Surgery Cost and Financing