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Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

With effective campaigns and distinctive product lines, many big brands in the fashion and beauty industry have expressed their voices in support of the month of breast cancer prevention.

Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

Breast cancer is the highest cause of death in women. The disease is tending to be rejuvenated, with morbidity increased by more than 20% globally since 2008, with a death rate of 14%, according to the World Cancer Research Fund International. Accordingly, 1 in 8 women will be able to get this common disease. To raise people’s awareness of breast cancer, October is called Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With the humanistic spirit of the campaign, fashion and beauty brands are also actively supporting and raising funds for breast cancer patients. Social activities and product lines are supported by the compassionate message that it conveys.


Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

To support the month of breast cancer prevention, the Savage x Fenty brand launches a lingerie product line called Thrivers. Female singer Rihanna said in a statement: “I want to raise awareness about the disadvantaged breast cancer community. Savage X Thrivers will represent young women from all walks of life who live and fight cancer. ”
Launched on 1st October, the underwear designs are pink as the primary color of breast cancer prevention campaigns. Under the lace surface, the brand recounts the journey of 4 “thrivers” who have been actively fighting breast cancer and inspiring people to prevent and treat diseases.


Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

On 1st October, Vans cooperated with charity CoppaFeel to launch a special line of sports shoes. CoppaFeel’s goal is to accelerate the initial detection process, encourage young people to care and regular checkups. A range of products for everyone from children to adults with the message of breast cancer that can affect anyone. Hand-drawn images of women of diverse shapes and races, showing the importance of breast self-examination. In some designs, the icon of Vans – Checkerboard texture appears with a new nude color.


Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

On 19th October, Beauty Blender joined with Ulta – a cosmetic retail system in the US, launched a BCRF sponge tip to support the month of breast cancer prevention. The BCRF sponge is named after the Breast Cancer Research Fund. The red heart under the canopy and the pink bow symbol on the box as a message of love from Beauty Blender want to send to customers. Besides, the brand directly contributes the US $ 20,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Fashion brands raise awareness about breast cancer

“Prevention is better than cure,” choosing comfortable and suitable underwear is one of the things to do to prevent the risk of breast cancer. With specialized bra designs, ideal for a variety of needs ranging from daily underwear to sports underwear for those who exercise intensely, Calvin Klein encourages women to be more interested in choosing and use underwear.

Applying Liquid Touch technology, Calvin Klein Underwear product line – daily bra design includes bra with liquid silicon layer covering the bra, wrapped in microfiber to eliminate the pressure of elastic link, support chest, and body-hugging, creating a sense of comfort when exercising. With specialized products, Calvin Klein wants to raise the awareness of every woman about breast health as well as prevent breast cancer.
Besides daily underwear, the selection of functional underwear for each sport has not been appropriately cared for by women. However, choosing the right underwear not only helps create excitement when exercising but also protects “mountains” from sagging or injury during exercise.

Calvin Klein Performance includes sportswear made from premium materials, optimizing exercise performance, and protecting your bust. For light sports like yoga, Calvin Klein launches a Low Support line with adjustable strap design, high elasticity, and flexibility. Medium Support Series is suitable for daily exercises with wide straps, maximum support in holding breasts. And the High Support line includes bra design exclusively for high-intensity exercises such as running and dancing with good covering and stretching. All products use spacer fabric to help shape well but still feel comfortable.