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Foot skincare in the cold season

The worry about rough, dull feet, when winter comes, is no more if you apply the foot-care methods that provide in this article.

Foot skincare in the cold season
Foot skincare in the cold season

Like facial skin, the skin of the feet also needs careful care. Fall-Winter is the time when the skin is most susceptible to dehydration due to the weather, busy activities at the end of the year. Here are some useful we foot skincare steps that you have compiled for you.


Foot skin also needs to be exfoliated regularly because the feet are exposed to many dirt, bacteria. Exfoliating the feet is also a way for the skin to become smoother. The easiest home-made ingredients are lemon and salt. Make a paste of lemon and paste on your feet, gently massage with a soft bristle brush to remove all dead skin.

Scrubbing heel

Foot skincare in the cold season

Soft heels will help you feel more confident. The skin on the heel is usually thicker than other areas, so it is easy to crack when it is heavy and has cold weather. Use a unique heel-scrubbing tool to soften hard, dark skin – the cause of dry, chapped heels.
Foot skincare with a specialized cream
On the market today, there are many products specifically for the skin of the foot, such as treating cracked heels, high moisturizing, dullness you should choose products with ingredients suitable for your feet skin to achieve effective maintenance skin as desired. Here are a few specialized foot skin care products you can choose.

Mask for the foot

Foot skincare in the cold season

In the evenings or weekends, take a moment to warm your feet with a layer of mask. The mixture of orange peel, grapefruit, lemon puree has high antiseptic and antioxidant properties, providing both nourishing vitamins and lightening the skin. You can use mashed potatoes with fresh milk or rice bran to moisturize even more.
For dry or cracked heels, oatmeal is a great choice. Except for natural masks, there are many foot masks on the market with many ingredients and brands for you to choose from. For those who are busy, this is an indispensable product to save time taking care of your feet.

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Discover 7 secrets to owning beautiful feet when they are always smooth white, not dull, not cracked rough will help you be confident in any situation.
Skincare with high-temperature bath milk
To enhance the moisturizing effect of this area, you should combine it with a moisturizing shower gel. When showering, apply shower gel to your feet, and even the soles of your feet to absorb more nutrients from the shower gel. The cleansing ingredients in shower gel also help deodorize the feet more effectively. Choose shea butter, oatmeal, and cocoa butter for better results.

Bringing with suitable material

Wearing odd socks can lead to toenail problems, dermatitis, or infection. As a general rule, limit materials such as cotton. When active, your feet will sweat, and the cotton socks will be moist and smell. In the long run, it will produce harmful bacteria for the feet. Also, when using cotton socks in the cold season will make you feel wet and cold. Choose wool material that is warm but not cypress, cashmere, nano, or activated carbon socks with high antibacterial properties, which will protect your foot skin in the long run.

Skincare with anti-sole cream

Don’t think your feet don’t need sunscreen. Despite the cold season, UV rays are still “standing.” Sunscreen for all areas of the body is a necessity. Because when not in the sun, all the products are wasted, not working at their best.

Foot skincare with warm water

Foot skincare in the cold season

Let your feet relax after a long tiring day by soaking your feet in warm salt water, maybe adding a few slices of lemon or ginger. The saltwater softens the skin of the feet and also adds lemon and ginger to help kill bacteria and eliminate toxins in the body. You can buy a bath bomb for foot skincare to relax instead of traditional saline. Soak your feet before bed to help you sleep deeper, relax, and beautify the leg skin every day.