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Foundation mistakes that will ruin your makeup

Applying Foundation is one of the fundamental steps in most makeup routines. However, there may be days when you think your look is smooth and flawless but you end up having an uneven skin tone which is cakey and messy.

If you want to have a natural-looking skin tone every other time, you have to do away with certain foundation mistakes that will ruin your makeup.

5 Foundation mistakes that will ruin your makeup

As there is no problem without a solution, anyone can achieve a natural-looking finish every single time. This article discusses 5 Foundation mistakes that will ruin our makeup. Avoiding all these mistakes in your daily makeup routine will pave pay to a perfect foundation finish.

6 Common Foundation mistakes that will ruin your makeup

Pick up the right shade for your skin

An overly light or a dark Foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone can make you look very much paler or tanner. The first mistake which you have to avoid is not to choose the wrong colour. Pick up the right tone by testing it on your jawline before making your purchase. Do not stand under the bright light of the store as this can mislead you. Check the foundation under the natural line to find out which is fitting your skin colour.

Choose the correct product

Do you have dry skin or does it tend to be oily? Depending upon your skin pick up the right Foundation which can completely hydrate your skin while providing ample coverage. If you have dry skin choose a moisturizing Foundation that can give you a lovely dewy finish. If your skin is oily then go for matte finish foundation.

The oil-absorbing non-comedogenic product does not clog your pores is also perfect for an oily complexion. If your skin is sensitive use those foundations which do not have irritants.

5 Foundation mistakes that will ruin your makeup

Use the proper tools to correctly apply the foundations

Blending with your fingers may seem the easiest and the natural way. But your hands will give you uneven application. To have a balanced finish, make sure you use a foundation sponge or a brush to apply makeup. Do your makeup in natural lighting to get a better view of how it looks in the daily light.

Have a preparation step as ritual

Preparation of your skin is crucial to get a glossy tone foundation on the skin as well as avoiding breakouts. You have to clean your face completely and apply a moisturizer wherever you will be applying Foundation. Be sure not to move on to applying another makeup product on your skin right after moisturizing. It helps to wait for several minutes allowing your skin to absorb the formula.

Strictly follow the use of a primer and spray

If you use a primer before you apply foundation, you can have a day lasting finish. After applying primer, foundation and concealer, never forget to set the makeup.

You can use the setting spray if your Foundation is powder-based. You have to use a translucent if you are using a liquid foundation.

Applying too much Foundation on your skill

Cakey often results from unnecessary applying layers of foundation. To avoid accentuating cakey result, you must use an adequate amount of foundations. It must not be more or not be less.

Keep these mistakes in mind and take effort to avoid it completely from your routine. Exfoliate your skin regularly, at least once or twice in a week so that you can get rid of the dead skills and achieve healthier and younger-looking skin.