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French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips

France is the birthplace of countless famous cosmetic brands and classic beauty secrets. Perhaps that is why French girls often possess a healthy, glowing skin from within. If you also want to own a standard skin or learn the method of French skincare, stay away from the following 6 skincare products.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips

6 products are never included in the French skincare routine

Makeup Remover Wipes

Most busy urban girls prefer paper remover. They are both very convenient and help save time for skincare. However, French women never use this beauty product. They always believe that skincare time is a time to enjoy and not an obligation. At the same time, the cleansing ingredients of makeup remover may irritate the skin. Primarily when you only use makeup paper towels but not a cleanser, the skin will be dehydrated for a long night. Therefore, French women remain loyal to the gentle cleansing of water lines.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips

Facial cleanser has a balanced pH

A highly alkaline cleanser means strong cleansing power. Many people prefer to use this type of face wash because their face feels clean. However, French-style skincare will not follow this trend. The favorite cleanser of French girls will have a balanced pH to ensure soothing skin. As a result, their skin is never stressed but always in a state of the smooth, maximum balance.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty TipsCleansing grains

Cleansing grains products or face wash machines are not used in French women’s skincare routine. The physical effects are too strong, which makes the skin more prone to irritation and muscle relaxation. From there, the skin will accelerate the aging process. The standard exfoliator is glycolipid acid. These products can remove dirt and dead skin cells without losing the skin’s inherent moisture. However, they also do not use this product daily but only use it 1-2 times/week.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips

Acne products

Beauty beauties of the US and Asia tend to look for unique products when they are “visited” by acne. All skincare products are changed to kill acne as quickly as possible. Unlike us, French girls spend almost no money on acne products. The legal skincare routine for acne skin is as simple as possible. Leave the skin open and the body will treat itself from the inside to “treat” the acne. If you have severe acne, they will see a dermatologist.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty TipsUse many serums at the same time

Unlike the 10 steps of Korean skincare, believers in France love the minimalist skincare style. Legal skincare consists of 4 basic steps: cleansing, serum, lotion, and sunscreen. There is no way they use multiple serums at the same time. Do not apply to the elite, but focus on the essential products is the famous skincare viewpoint of every french girl.

However, there is also a product that overlaps many layers of the day, which is mineral spray. A pure water spray that provides instant moisture to the skin is a product that French girls are not afraid to use many times a day.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips

Chemical sunscreen

Loving the natural beauty ingredients, the French girls are very “allergic” to chemical sunscreens. The more chemicals increase the risk of skin irritation and worse. Therefore, they are “trusting” in physical sunscreen products.

French Skin Care Secrets || Parisian Beauty Tips