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Gel products improve facial skin

The biochemistry has developed an active biotechnology ingredient – it only needs to be applied to make crow’s feet immediately stretched, the skin becomes smooth.

Gel products improve facial skin

Aging – sagging skin

Typing the words “Facelift,” Google Search returns 128 million results in less than 30 seconds, higher than the keyword search data (though the whole world is interested) like beauty, moisturizer, lip balm, Eyecare. This shows that women, in particular, and people, in general, are increasingly interested in the impact of aging on beauty.

Muscles can be “cultivated” from the gym. But the skin on the face, especially in women, if you skip a short step in the journey of care, it is painful to save. Typically, the horny layer of the skin will be regenerated 28-30 times/day. But by the age of 25, this process is slow, dead cells accumulate on the skin surface longer, hindering the appearance of new cells. This causes the skin to lose its elasticity, lasting for a rough, uneven color and on spots, wrinkles, and appearance.
When facial muscles change – as a result of deep skin aging – appear, think it’s too late to take care of it. The skin is loose, even saggy, the longer the ability to recover and take more time. Collapsing is cosmetic now also does not help us obscure the scary accusation of time anymore. It can be said that compared to the improvement of poor appearance such as pale lips, dull skin, thin eyebrows, short eyelashes, wrinkles seems to be the most challenging thing for make-up professionals.

Method of timely response

Understanding this fact, beauty experts around the world from Europe to Asia have researched continuously to come up with many ways to help women recover their spring features. When the technique of “Face-lift” by cosmetic surgery was born, although it was painful, many women still felt that God did not forget their request. Next, more and more streamlined beauty treatments, such as pain relief, were introduced: muscle lift massage (Japanese Tanakan method), non-invasive surgery such as injecting fillers or botox, brings more and more convenience.

Recently, the beauty world has a lot of praise for the product line of muscle lifting from the cosmetic brand from Italy – Rilastil Hydrotenseur LF, when it is just applied to the skin, the skin is stretched immediately. The Ganassini pharmaceutical corporation developed the brand with the head of the famous biochemist Domenico Ganassini di Camerati. He led experts to analyze the root of the skin aging problem: research on skin elasticity to create a humanistic product line in an era where the world is busy racing at this rate.
With Rilastil Hydrotenseur LF, gently apply the product on the skin – biotechnology active substance made from 100% gamma-aminobutyric acid (naturally derived) will form a membrane due to the 3-dimensional network of the macromolecules Polymers are connected to help lift the muscles immediately.

Gel products improve facial skin

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Rilastil Hydrotenseur LF with macromolecular structure, when applied to the skin will appear mechanisms that inhibit nerve impulse transmission between cells will create a membrane (not visible), pull the skin, create a lane The skin is smooth and uniform. This “filling” works for the entire duration of use until the face is clean.
Although the Rilastil Hydrotenseur LF lift line has an immediate lifting effect, if you want to prolong the youth, you need to build a healthy lifestyle through eating, drinking, and sleeping properly. Keep notes in your daily routine and body care for two critical jobs: skincare and regular exercise. Because both of these methods not only help tone your muscles every day but also reverse the aging process effectively.

Mr. Federico Monaci, Export Manager of Ganasini said that all Rilastil products are manufactured on high-quality pharmaceutical production lines of Europe and in the most modern laboratories according to European standards. Therefore Rilastil products achieve the purest and safest that a cosmetic product can reach. For over 40 years, this brand has always been the leader of the Italian and European markets.