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80s Makeup: How to easily get hot eighties hair

You won’t need a DeLorean to take you back in time to authentic ’80s style. Instead, simply slip on a pair of neon leggings, a ruffled shirt, a pair of black, lace gloves and – of course – finish your look with big, sprayed hair. Here’s how.

1. Start with damp hair, but skip the conditioner and any smoothing, silicone-containing products.

These will weigh your hair down, and make it too smooth. Big, wild hair was very popular in the 80s.

  • Consider spraying your hair with salt spray. This will give your hair some extra texture, and make it easier to work with once it dries.
  • If your hair has troubles holding styles, add some lightweight styling mousse into your hair.

2. Put your hair into lots of tiny braids the day before if you want a crimped look.

You will need to do this in the day before your party or event so that your hair has time to dry. Once your hair is completely dry, take the braids out, and fluffy them up.

  • If you are short on time, blow dry your hair first, then spray it with a heat protecting spray. Crimp your hair using a crimping iron and set it with hairspray.

3. Backcomb your hair while blow-drying it to add volume.

Comb your hair backward at the crown while you blow-dry it. You can also bend forward, so that your hair hangs in front of your face, and aim the hairdryer nozzle upwards.

4. Tease your hair after it is dry to add more volume.

Take a ½ to 1 inch (1.27 to 2.54 centimeters) wide section of hair from the front of your head. Pull it straight up and hold it taut. Use a comb or boar bristle brush to comb your hair rapidly downwards towards your scalp. Do this about three times before combing it back, and moving onto the next section.

5. Try a high ponytail if you don’t want to do anything to your hair.

This works great on straight hair as well. You can also combine this with backcombing and/or crimping. The ponytail can even be off to the side, just above your ear. For a final touch, wrap a scrunchie around the base of your ponytail to hide the hair tie.

6. Go for big bangs.

The 80s were all about the big, bold, and colorful, and hair was no exception. If you have bangs, try to get them as big as possible. You can do this by crimping them, curling them, or putting them into large, barrel rollers the night before.

7. Go natural if you have textured or ethnic hair.

The 80s were all about big hair, so if you are blessed with textured or ethnic hair, you are lucky and don’t have to do much. Follow your usual hair care routine, and wrap a thick, cloth headband around your hair to give your hair a pop of color.

  • If you like to wear your hair in braids or cornrows, try adding some plastic pony beads to the end for a pop of color and fun.

8. Don’t forget the hair accessories.

Items such as scrunchies, thick fabric headbands, plastic barrettes, and big bows were popular in the 80s. Choose items with bold patterns and bright colors for a standard 80s look. For something more punk or gothic, stick with black.


Add synthetic extensions of bright colors to your hair for more flair.