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Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

Toxic Beauty – a film by director Phyllis Ellis – turned the shadow of the cosmetics industry when some of the ingredients that threaten human health. So what are the ingredients in lotions, perfumes, makeup, etc., really harmful if used day after day? Let’s find out with Cafeup.net below.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

Is cosmetic really as advertised?

Products that help you to look beautiful from the outside will not necessarily work well with the inner body. The media has dramatically condemned health-conscious foods while encouraging the consumption of healthy foods as well as issuing tobacco consumption orders. However, the media rarely mention harmful ingredients in cosmetics.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

What does the cosmetic market statistics say?

According to Statista (2018), in 2016, the world cosmetics market grew by more than 4% compared to 2015. Skincare products, hair, perfumes, makeup, deodorants are all kinds of products. Main products of the cosmetic market. In particular, the leading skincare products account for 36% of the global market. Haircare products accounted for 23%, while cosmetics accounted for 18.2% according to 2016 statistics. On top of that, skincare products are forecast to be the most profitable as market value is expected to It will continue to increase by US $20.1 billion between 2014 and 2019.

Based on the above data, it is possible to see the strong growth potential of the cosmetic industry. Throughout Toxic Beauty, Boston University’s female student of medicine measured the weight of her body using more than 27 different products. Scientists were surprised to track her results.

Media often ignores the naming of harmful ingredients

Unlike some foods and drugs, personal care, or beauty products do not need to disclose harmful components and carcinogens. Because the message is conveyed on the packaging of the products is always right, eye-catching design. Because consumers want beautiful skin, shiny hair, or just a few makeup steps, consumers can skip the censorship of toxic ingredients even though sometimes that thought goes through in their heads times.

In addition to the risk of cancer due to the use of beauty products with toxic ingredients, the body may also face pathological potentials such as congenital disabilities in pregnant women, hormonal disruption in Children and adolescents, dermatitis, or easy skin irritation on contact.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

Common chemicals found in personal care products & cosmetics


This ingredient is found in shaving products, lotions, colored cosmetics, and mouthwash. Triclosan is used as an anti-bacterial agent. On the downside, Triclosan will disrupt the thyroid and reproductive hormones, adversely affecting the immune system.


Personal care and makeup products contain Parabens as a preservative. Parabens are mostly found in makeup, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lotions, lotions and lotions, shaving products, and body scrubs. Excessive exposure to Parabens will lead to hormonal disorders.


Formaldehyde is used as a preservative and is present in nail products, eyelash glue, hair gel, smoothing products, baby shampoos, bath soaps, color cosmetics. This chemical contains carcinogenic impurities, skin irritation that leads to a high rate of skin allergic reactions, and rashes.


Aromatherapy is a combination of more than 3,000 ingredients to create scents. Present in most personal care products. Excessive exposure will cause skin irritation, allergies, or cancer.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health


Phthalates are found in nail polish, hair sprays, perfumes, lotions, soaps, and shampoos as a solvent and fragrance ingredient. These substances have the potential to damage the male reproductive system if exposed.

Long-term effects on human health


Using cosmetics containing toxic chemicals is not the leading cause of disease. But in general, when using personal care products or cosmetics containing chemicals that cause long-term harm, health will be affected.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

Hormones are interrupted

Both men and women can be affected by exposure to ingredients that cause hormonal disorders. These chemicals disrupt your hormones, negatively affecting health if long-term exposure to low doses.

For women alone: ​​ analysis has shown that increased paraben levels can lead to a decline in ovarian function and fertility. But this judgment requires more research to determine the exact results.

Who should avoid cosmetics with chemicals harmful to health?

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding

Be careful when choosing personal care or beauty products during pregnancy because the body is susceptible during pregnancy. Research shows that certain chemicals are involved and have side effects that cause pregnancy complications.

Harmful Effects Of Cosmetics On Your Health

Children and adolescents

For children and teenagers, the biggest concern is long-term exposure to hormonal disruptors that can lead to abnormal growth. According to research by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 20 young women were tested with conventional chemicals. The results showed that every teenager had an average of 10 to 15 chemicals in the body (according to Healthline, 2017).


Cosmetics help us become more beautiful, but there is a downside to the harmful ingredients. Users need to improve their knowledge and not to misunderstand the high use of the product but ignore the true nature of dangerous chemicals. And always remember that if any harmful chemical reaction occurs, it is the reaction that happens in our bodies. Be a smart consumer when buying products to “care” and “beautify” the body!