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Healthy – Not A Trend, But A Life

Going to the gym, making friends with the gym, building a scientific diet is the trend most young people pursue in the past few years. From photos and videos merely captured in the kitchen or gym, they spread across social networks and became the active lifestyle of millions of women.

Healthy - Not A Trend, But A Life
Healthy – Not A Trend, But A Life

Girls who are at the forefront of the trend of eating right, practicing hard
Not a movie star or pop star, but Michelle Lewin, Kayla Itsines, Sjana Elise Earp, Laura Kasperzak, etc still owns a few million followers on Instagram. Without supercars or spacecraft, no brand-name clothes, or lavish travel destinations, each of their posts always regularly attracts tens of thousands of likes with content around diet and exercise.
Years of experience working in a gym in Adelaide (Australia) let Kayla Itsines know that the problem that many women face is the fat in the arm, thigh, and abdomen area. As a result, her @kayla_itsines Instagram posts often focus on toning these areas. A unique feature is that most of her videos revolve around simple exercises that can be done at home, without the need for additional equipment. On average, each video attracts about 1 million views.

Healthy - Not A Trend, But A Life

Contrary to Kayla Itsines, the Instagram star with 13.4 million followers – Michelle Lewin – likes to be active with machines and assistive devices. Her favorite exercises are also muscle exercises, creating the abs for the abdomen, shoulders, and thighs, rather than just slim. Girls who love the beauty of the round 3 can easily find videos on squat, kick back on my @michelle_lewin account.
However, the wave of a movement growing day by day on Instagram is not only Kayla Itsines, Michelle Lewin … and their bodybuilding exercises but also Laura Kasperzak, Sjana Elise Ear – the owner of the yoga curriculum flexible.
Not limited to herself in the gym or at home, Sjana Elise Ear practices yoga in every land she visits: Hawaii (USA), Black Island (Philippines), Bali (Indonesia) or Sydney (Australia). In addition to the positive energy emanating from the permanent smile on Sjana’s face, the peacefulness of the natural setting is also the reason why 1.6 million people turn to Instagram @sjanaelise. And unlike Sjana, Laura Kasperzak does not practice yoga on her own, and she transmits this passion to her daughter. The marriage between mother and child is what makes Laura different from other yoga bloggers.

Healthy - Not A Trend, But A LifeNot a flashy trend

In 2015, from the appeal of Kayla Itsines, millions of women took part in the world tour “Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World Tour,” sweating together with outdoor exercises lasting for several hours lake. In 2016 alone, the Sweat With Kayla app became the most downloaded workout app on both iOS and Google Play platforms. Not only that, there are more than 330 thousand people who follow the diet and exercise of the “Bikini Body Guide” (BBG) e-book compiled by this influential blogger, forming a large BBG Community together building a scientific and healthy lifestyle.
No longer associated with the negative “virtual life,” pictures showing the waistline of an ant are still full of 6 packs or sharing experiences of gaining/losing weight has become an indispensable culture on social networks. “No pain, no gain” – no effort will not be able to get back the sweet fruit, and on this steep road, there is nothing better than we can seek comfort and encouragement from the community. women around the world with just one swipe of the screen?
Everyone’s body is not the same. No matter how you practice, it cannot change your body but can only make it more complete. We do not need to care about standards but instead build a scientific lifestyle to maintain our health as a way to love and appreciate ourselves.