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How can beginners apply eye shadow like a pro?

Perfecting your eye shadow game will require lots of practice and dedication. Once you get it right, you’ll have incredible benefits to your make up look including, bigger, lifted and more youthful eyes.

How can beginners apply eye shadow like a pro?

Eye shadow adds more beauty to your eyes which makes people go ‘wow’ with your looks. So, if you are a beginner to eye shadow, this module is going to help you turn into a pro with simple tricks and tactics. The following are some of the most important things to consider when you start with your eye makeup.

Step-1: Prepare your eyelids

For those with oily eyelids, it is the biggest concern because when it comes to eye makeup, it can wear off the makeup faster than you can imagine which will eventually ruin your entire makeup look. This is why you need to prepare your eyelids by applying a primer before you could apply any other product. After applying the primer, make sure that,

  • The pigment is popping
  • The color is flawlessly even
  • It stays on all day long

Step-2: Apply a natural color

After applying the primer, you don’t have to worry about the makeup meltdowns. But to increase the intensity and longevity of your eye shadow, it is best to go with a nude base on your eyelids. To apply a nude eye shadow, use a fluffy blending eye shadow brush. Choose the color that compliments your skin tone.

How can beginners apply eye shadow like a pro?

Step-3: Work on your crease

To enhance your crease, go with the fluffy blending eye shadow brush once again to apply medium brown-toned shadow to your crease. Add some color to your lower lash-line and blend well for added effect. For an everyday look, add softer colors like soft brown. For a more dramatic look, you can go on with deeper shades of brown.

Step-4: Highlight the area above the crease

If your eye needs more color, go with the lighter shades of brown from your palette and blend it right above the crease and below the brow bone. Blend it until both your eyelids match. Never forget that the thumb rule of perfecting your base is to blend till you make it perfect. Your eye shadow colors will pop out once you perfect your base makeup thereby taking your makeup game a few notches higher.

Step-5: Add color to your eyelids

Finally, this is the right time to choose your favorite eye shadow color that would be the defining element for your entire eye makeup. Soft, pastel shades will suit the best for your day look whereas the darker shades will be more suitable for your evening looks. Using a fluffy brush, apply your favorite color focusing more on the outer corners. For a smokey effect, gently extend the color past your crease. Also, use the same color on your lower lash line too.

Step-6: Highlight the inner corner of the eyes

To make your eyes wider and more awake, highlight the inner corner of your eyes. This trick will work better for date nights and cocktail parties.

How can beginners apply eye shadow like a pro?

Following the above-mentioned steps along with a lot of practice, you’re all set to rock your day.