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How to choose the best eye shadow to match your eye color

Your eye shadow is a vital element when you are trying to enhance your makeup look. There are a variety of eyeshades available in the market nowadays, so you need to choose the best eye shadow that will match your eye color.

How to choose the best eye shadow to match your eye color

This module is going to help you to choose the different shades of eye shadows that suit your eye color.

Which eye shadow is best for your eyes?

Most of the women try to match their eye makeup with the dress they wear. But this may not be flattering to your eyes. So, choose your eye makeup that will go well with your hair color, eye color, and your skin tone. The eyeshades must compliment your eyes, it doesn’t need to match perfectly. For instance, if you choose blue eye shadow for your blue eyes, your eyes may look dull giving a dull look overall.

Eye shadow for blue eyes:

On comparing with the color wheel, orange is the opposite color of blue, so, if you have blue eyes, try eye shadows with an orange base such as terracottas and rich browns. Adding to that, shimmery champagne, gold or bronze will bring out the gold highlights in your eyes.

Also, you have to remember that black eyeliner may look too harsh for your blue-eyed makeup because you tend to have lighter skin tones. Instead, try brown or bronze eyeliner to get the same sultry look while complementing your skin tone.

How to choose the best eye shadow to match your eye color

Eye shadow for brown eyes

People who have brown eyes have a great advantage that you can wear almost any color on your eyes. To bring out the clarity in your eyes, it is suggested for you to try deep purple or bronzy gold shades. Try a mossy green eye shadow to make your brown eyes look lighter. You can also try charcoal and silver shades to give a dazzling look to your eyes.

Use a black eyeliner to add up an extra definition to your eyes. Also, add a touch of intensity to any look of your eye with black so the eyes are extra enhanced.

Eye shadow for green eyes:

For green or hazel eyes, red is the opposite color on the color wheel. Since your eyes are enough bright already, go for the light shade family like pink or dark shades with reddish undertones like rust, bronze, and mahogany. It is suggested to avoid blue shades because it may make your eyes look washed out. You can choose brown eyeliner and mascara instead of going with the traditional black one.

How to choose the best eye shadow to match your eye color

Eye shadows for black eyes:

Similar to light brown and dark brown eyes, the black eyes will provide a range of opportunities to try different eye shades. The shades like cobalt blue, green shade either metallic or matte are the best eye shades for dark brown or black color eyes. These shades will make your eye makeup look bold and beautiful.

Thus, knowing the eye color, select the best eyeshade that suits you by considering the above-mentioned points.