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Suggestions to combine men’s coats in Autumn/Winter 2019

A jacket is an essential item in men’s lockers. Through this article, Cafeup.net will bring you a list of 5 most worthwhile men’s coats as well as the characteristics of each design so that you can easily choose from Summer to Winter 2019

Suggestions to combine men's coats in Autumn/Winter 2019A jacket is always a necessary accessory for men. Not only does it help keep warm during cold weather, but a suitable jacket also significantly enhances your outfit aesthetically. Let Cafeup.net choose the best quality men’s coats and suit the world fashion trends in 2019

Classic Checked Overcoat

A classic design with a moderately striking checkerboard (tartan), the overcoat pattern can make a simple outfit much more impressive. You can mix this design with almost every item in the closet: from jeans and sneakers to trousers with western shoes. As a classic men’s winter jacket design, you can easily find a long coat with checkered motifs in every fashion store.

Suggestions to combine men's coats in Autumn/Winter 2019

Because of the characteristic checker pattern, the most crucial point when choosing to buy or mix designs is in the color scheme. A checked overcoat with a large and multicolored pattern should only go with a simple outfit with neutral colors to ensure overall harmony. Besides, size is also a concern. Owning a pretty long form, when choosing to buy this men’s jacket, make sure to follow the right side of your body.


Suggestions to combine men's coats in Autumn/Winter 2019

Recent years have seen the spread of puffer jacket design along with street fashion. No longer bulky, fashion brands have brought eye-catching, trendy designs to this jacket as well as increased their applicability, and since then, the puffer has become a men’s jacket is widely loved in the cold season. Of course, this Winter 2019 is still a playground for Puffer.
The feature that makes this design so accessible is that in addition to the excellent keeping ability, life jackets often have very eye-catching colors. Therefore, confidently mix and match this men’s jacket with different items to confirm your taste. A small suggestion is to try the construction of lifejacket with an elaborate outfit or formal, while for comfortable, streetwear style, a life jacket with a hood will be a reasonable choice.

Trench Coat

Suggestions to combine men's coats in Autumn/Winter 2019

Not a strange name for the fashion industry; the trench coat is a design that men need, should have and must be in everyone’s lockers, especially beard wings. Initially a military item, the trench coat has both useful features such as water resistance and warmth, while also featuring a stylish ceiling with characteristic lengths and design details such as neck folds, shoulder straps, or tether.

If you’re wondering how to choose this men’s jacket, the following sharing from Mr. Tony Cook – stylists of A$AP Rocky and Dominic Cooper – may be helpful to you: “If you’re looking for one For the first trench coat, consider a camel brown color scheme because this color scheme will suit any style from formal to comfortable. If you want to match the trench coat with elegant or office suits, choose black or navy blue (midnight blue) ”

Bomber jacket

Suggestions to combine men's coats in Autumn/Winter 2019

The design derived from this pilot jacket possesses a much more convenient and comfortable style. Currently, on the market, there are many options for this classic men’s jacket, but to ensure warmth as well as make a difference, cotton, felt, or fleece are good materials cough for the winter. In the summer, your choice is a jacket made of lightweight materials and a ventilated design to keep out the sun and keep your body cool.

Combine the bomber with items such as oversize t-shirts, knitted sweaters or scarves with motifs to create contrast on the outfit as well as embellish your jacket. Avoid the clothes too indecent or elegant, or you will lose the dynamic style typical of this male jacket.