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How to make your hair longer and thicker?

Everyone wants longer, thicker and nourishing hair for their better living and also for their inner happiness. People are willing to do anything and everything just for the sake of maintaining and nourishing their hair.

How to make your hair longer and thicker?

Nowadays, people tend to sacrifice anything for their hair. It is not enough that our hair is thicker alone, we must be certain that the texture of our hair is also attractive.

Get to know your hair

It is a crucial role to understand the cycle of your hair. There are three stages i.e. anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is a new strand formed in the follicle. Catagen is formed when lower two-thirds of the hair is destroyed. Telogen is formed when the hair enters the resting phase waiting to be pushed out by the fresh strand growing in the follicle.

How to make your hair longer and thicker?

Get to the root

If you experience a lot of hair fall and hair thinning make sure that you consult a specialist so that they take immediate action by treating from the root of the hair. They will know better about the individual’s hair and will be able to treat and make sure that the defect is no more. There can be various causes for your problem. Taking the help of professionals will help you identify your exact problem and control it at the earliest.

Eat smarter for better hair

We must maintain good eating habits to maintain our hair even stronger. According to many scientific specialists, eating food with full and full healthy fats is the first basic thing you ought to follow. Make sure that you intake plenty of good quality proteins and good fats like olive oil and omega 3. Many experts say that foods such as salmon, avocados, nuts, vegetables, and fruits to get the key nutrients to grow thicker hair. Intake of eggs which is high in protein is very good for growing hair.

How to make your hair longer and thicker?

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

It is obvious, but we should try to understand that different type of hair needs different varieties of shampoos. We should never choose a particular shampoo based on the result on another person’s hair because it does not act the same with all the persons as every one of us have different type and texture of the hair. We should be certain in choosing the best shampoo and conditioner with the contents and ingredients of the product because, there are egg shampoos, aloe vera shampoos, etc. where the egg and aloe vera might not suit some type of people. Nowadays, the market provides us with several products like shampoos for baldness, shampoos for thicker and nourishing hair and much more. This helps people to get better texture with the hair even more nourishment.

How to make your hair longer and thicker?

Oil your hair at least twice a week

Proper nutrition is an essential factor for your hair as it is for any other part of our body. Oiling your hair provides nutrition and strength to your hair which makes your hair, even more, stronger, nourishing, thicker and healthier.

Thus, maintaining a healthy food cycle and considering the above-mentioned points in mind will help your hair grow longer, thicker and softer.