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How to pack your travel makeup kit

Where are you heading off this vacation? From bright sunny skies to sultry, the world is your oyster. But all that wandering around the globe can wreak serious havoc on your skin. It is super important to take care of your skin when you plan to travel.

How to pack your travel makeup kit

Ensure, that breakouts, tanning, dullness don’t stand a chance. Instead of lugging around a bagful of skincare products, just shortlist them to four basic makeup items that will be suitable for your skin type. It’s difficult to find a makeup kit that provides you with enough options. It is important to limit yourself to the actual essentials. Here are the major four skincare items important to carry along with you while traveling.

1: A sunscreen lotion

The importance of sunscreen lotion on your travel kits is for your overall health and appearance of the skin. Sunscreen minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin and the triggering of a variety of skin disorders. Choose the right sunscreen lotion for your skin tone. Applying sunscreen will protect Essential proteins in the skin like keratin. This will help you keep your skin smooth and healthy in appearance and function.

How to pack your travel makeup kit

2: A concealer

The best way to use concealer is after applying the foundation. It works better with the foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve the appearance of a smooth even skin tone. In case of dark circles, tired eyes and scars choose a brightening concealer and apply them over the darkest areas. This will result in a bright radiant skin tone in 5 minutes.

3: Lip Gloss

Lip gloss can be used every 2hours to enhance your beauty. It is the best touch up kit in your travel pouch. Choose a glittery lip gloss that brightens your beauty. In case of dry lips, apply lip gloss to match your overall shine level. For best results choose the right color which goes well with your lipstick shade.

4: Brush set

How to pack your travel makeup kit

Last but not least, the most important travel kit is a brush set. They come with different sizes and shapes,

saving you the trouble of finding space in your travel pouch. Brushes are easy to use for fast and quick application. In case of dullness look, choose the right color and brush them over the surface of your face. There are different types of brushes for your cheeks and eye shadow. When it comes to eye shadow, blending is key. It just takes a few seconds to brush up.

Final thoughts

These will Create a travel-ready makeup kit full of classic makeup staples you can rely on. Look for a smaller, stylish travel companion to outfit your mini cosmetics for the long journey ahead. Make sure the bag is durable, lightweight and waterproof to boot. In addition to these four makeup kit, you can add mascara and eyeliner with them. These items fall into your essential categories. To choose the best brands to choose to surf online. Shop online for best brands at affordable prices. You will come across a variety of big brands, instead of visiting each store for the best brands.