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Immediately update 05 skincare tips in fall

Autumn winds, falling temperatures, and the sudden downpours of autumn can make your skin dry and easily lose valuable moisture. Therefore, prepare some fall skincare tips from this point on!

Immediately update 05 skincare tips in fall

Clearly define skin

As the weather changes season, the signs of changes in the skin will become more visible. Especially with the weather of the fall, some people with oily skin will become normal while those with healthy skin feel drier. Therefore, track changes in the skin to choose the right skincare products.

Moisturize the skin every day

Skincare products that are suitable for summer use, but when it comes to autumn, you should learn more about these types of products to avoid rough skin. Preferably now should be the shower gel with high moisturizing as well as does not contain soap. Replace gel shower gel with cream shower gel for better skin protection.

Moisturizing regularly is most essential for any skin, especially in the fall. The perfect time to use the cream is after a shower because moisturizers will penetrate the skin more easily.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Immediately update 05 skincare tips in fall

Whether summer or autumn (even winter), sunscreen is always an indispensable product in your bag. Also, if the sky is not sunny, skin protection is still essential. However, unlike the summer, you can choose a sunscreen with moisturizing and suitable SPF.

Oil-based scrubs

Oil-based exfoliating products are especially suitable for the fall because they not only exfoliate but also moisturize the skin. Therefore, you should look for products containing oil-based to bring beauty to the skin.

Protect your lips

Immediately update 05 skincare tips in fall

The second half of the year is a time when you should pay more attention to your lips. Consider using a lip mask for lips. They not only help moisturize to prevent dryness, cracking of lips in the fall but also improve the lips become rosy and smooth.