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Makeup tricks to make your small eyes look bigger

Usually, people with large eyes look beautiful and young but what if you are a person with small eyes, this module is going to be a lifesaver. It is never too late; you can make your eyes look bigger than before using the following simple makeup tricks.

Makeup tricks to make your small eyes look bigger

Maintain your eyebrows:

The eyebrows make all the difference by adding extra beauty to your face. Visit your regular parlor at frequent intervals and maintain your eyebrows in perfect shape. If you wish to keep your eyebrows bold and beautiful, make sure that you tell your stylist to extend the space you between the eyebrows and eyes to make your eyes look bigger than your natural size. A bold, thick and beautiful eyebrow catches all the attention to the eyes. The natural eyebrows give a more appealing look whereas the over-tweezed arches will make you look older.

Reduce the puffiness around your eyes:

You can get amazing bigger looking eyes by treating them right, every day. The swollen part around your eyes which is usually referred as eye bags is one factor that makes them look tiny. The following are the tips to reduce the eye puffiness:

  • Make sure that you get proper sleep
  • Wash your face with cold water to reduce the size of the eye bag
  • Place used cold teabags over the eyes
  • Reduce salt intake as much as possible
  • Exercise regularly

Makeup tricks to make your small eyes look bigger

Stay away from under eye dark circles:

Using the right concealer to cover up the dark circles will not make your eyes look bigger, but it will help you greatly by hiding them to a greater extent. So this is a very important tip that you must include in your makeup. Also, make sure that you use a concealer shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and enhance your makeup look.

Use a light neutral-colored eye shadow:

It is suggested to include neutral and light eye shadows in your regular makeup kit to make your eyes look bigger than your natural size. Using light colors for your eyelids will help to bring them forward creating an illusion of bigger eyes.

Brighten your upper waterline:

This trick will make a lot of difference. Use a deep dark black eyeliner to brighten the upper waterline. This will create an illusion of fuller eyelashes which will eventually make your eyes look bigger.

Never forget your lower lashline:

When using dark shade eyeliner, don’t forget to coat on your lower lashline to make your eyes look bigger. You can apply with the help of a brush or a smudger and soften it. Taking action on the lashline, you must consider the eyelid too. Draw a line with the eyeliner as close as you to the eyelashes. You can start with a small streak and thicken it according to your look.


By trying the above-mentioned points, you can see the magic of making your eyes look bigger naturally working out for real.