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Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes

Dental Hygiene is essential not just for helping to keep your teeth white and breath fresh; it’s also critical to preventing severe gum and tooth issues, such as cavities. Not to mention that poor oral health is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. However, just because you brush regularly doesn’t mean that you have good oral hygiene. Let Cafeup.net review the mistakes in oral hygiene, leading to dangerous situations.

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
Improper dental hygiene causes not only teeth but also the gums and the oral cavity to be damaged.

Soft drinks without sugar

Have you ever thought that drinking soda won’t affect your teeth? This is an entirely wrong notion. Although it does not contain sugar, this type of soft drink still has a very high acid content, which makes teeth more susceptible to erosion. Moreover, additives that create flavors in soft drinks such as oranges and lemons in sugar-free soft drinks can erode tooth enamel just like regular soft drinks.

Using inappropriate mouthwash

If you are interested in dental hygiene, you will not find strange with mouthwash. This is a product that helps remove plaque and gives a fresh aroma to the oral cavity. However, if overused, some chemicals in mouthwash can kill beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity.

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
You should only use mouthwash for a maximum of 3 times a day.

Brush your teeth right after eating

This is also a common habit in the teeth care cycle of many people. According to dental experts, after eating is the time when the oral cavity is full of acid. The brushing immediately accidentally causes healthy acid development, teeth will erode faster and unbalance ph in the oral cavity. It is best to brush your teeth after eating at least 30 minutes.

Rub hard when brushing your teeth

Many people often think that rubbing hard when brushing your teeth will easily remove plaque. It is real that this habit does not make teeth clean but also increases the risk of gum damage.

Use a coarse brush

As well as the habit of vigorous rubbing, using a coarse brush can cause damage to teeth and gums. On the other hand, this brush does not make the plaque cleaner as you think.

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
Rough brushing, when exposed to teeth, will cause gums and teeth damage

Do not brush your teeth before sleeping

If you want a bright white smile, never forget to brush your teeth before bed. Because when you sleep is an excellent time to help bacteria in the oral cavity quickly reproduce and grow. This leads to eroded tooth enamel and gingivitis.

Ignore cleaning the gums and tongue

When you don’t clean the area of ​​the tongue and gums, food residues and bacteria will cling to cause bad breath, even inflammation. To protect your gums and tongue, do not forget to use a gentle brush to rub the tongue.

Do not go to scrape tartar

Tartar is formed from saliva and food residues left after meals. Lime is often yellow-brown, which is not suitable for teeth and is not easy to clean with a brush. If not cleaned and appropriately removed, tartar will lead to gum disease, even periodontitis.

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
The shaving of tartar helps to remove the plaque that normal brushes do not.

Do not go to the dentist regularly

There are many reasons why you are afraid to go to the dental center, maybe because you are lazy or too busy, perhaps because you are scared of the dentist. All dentists recommend that you visit your dentist regularly to prevent dental problems, especially periodontitis. Early detection of dental issues saves you a lot of money and time on treatment.

Methods of Proper Dental Hygiene

– Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush recommended by a dental professional.

– Changing the brush every 2-3 months.

– Gently rub your teeth when brushing, brushing from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside.

– Dental hygiene 2-3 times daily (especially morning and evening).

– Limit sweets and multicolored foods. If you use coffee or tea, you should eat dessert with water after drinking to avoid stain teeth.

Most Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes
Colored and sugary foods are the cause of yellowing and eroding teeth.

– Use floss to remove food particles and plaque in your teeth.

– Limiting the use of toothpicks makes teeth prone to sparse.

– Use mouthwash up to 3 times per day, should only hold for about 20-30 seconds to kill bacteria in the oral cavity.

– Avoid smoking to prevent tooth and gum problems.

– Go to your dentist regularly, preferably every 6 months.