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Most terrifying Halloween costume that will freak out every one

Halloween is a time for dressing up to make a terrifyingly memorable day. There is so many Halloween costume popping up every year.

terrifying Halloween costume

Choosing the best one from it can be a little overwhelming. But many people don’t find it too difficult they consider choosing Halloween costume as an art. Not all Halloween costume has to be complicated to be amazing, sometimes all it takes is the right character and attitude to match to inspire people. Here is the top best Halloween costume that will freak out everyone.

terrifying Halloween costume

1: Undead Marilyn Monroe:

Choosing this Halloween costume will change yourself completely into a freaky person. A bold red lip on the first half of the face followed by a scary outlook by covering the other half of the face resulting in creepy, skeleton makeup. Both sides of your face will give you a scary look when combined.

2: Freaky mummy:

Mummies are the easiest Halloween makeup costume and also being many people’s nightmares. To create a good mummy costume it takes some extra time and effort. If not you can simply Wrap yourself with perfect mummy costume or you might end up trapping your whole body with a roll of toilet paper. It is as easy as that if you have some patience to finish the mummy makeup perfect. You will not require much overall makeup for this costume that’s the reason most people prefer mummy as their Halloween costume.

3: The Evil Witch:

Most people choose Evil witch as their Halloween costume because this evil witch costume depends on your actions and attitude with less makeup. A perfect black dress will be a perfect match for an evil witch. This not only depends on dressing and makeup but also on how you behave to scare people around you. Also, fix long nails and paint them black to truly freak out people around you.

terrifying Halloween costume

4: Annabelle from the conjuring:

This is one of the freakiest and scariest dolls of the earth. You need to be bold enough to turn into one of these scariest dolls as your Halloween costume. All you need is a white frock and the ability to set your hair messy. This Halloween costume will freak-out all the kids at the Halloween party.

terrifying Halloween costume

5: Dementor:

Dementor Halloween costume may seem like a simple costume on the outside, but it requires a lot of potential and energy to do makeup for this costume to look scary. Use long black hoods and wear torn faces with mouths wide open to freak out people around you. This dementor costume is unfortunate enough to cross their paths.  This Halloween costume will attract people towards you while you walk into Halloween party.

terrifying Halloween costume

Thus, choose one among these Halloween costume with perfect scary makeups. The reason to be unique is that over 175 million Americans celebrate Halloween every year. Follow these 5 Halloween costume that will freak out everyone and be the best dressed up among others in the Halloween party.