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Pack a few tips to protect your skin when going to the beach this summer!

Sunshine, ocean waves, wind, and white sand are always associated with an active summer. It also means more outdoor activities, more exposure to water, and sunlight. Therefore, the optimal protection of the skin when going to the sea becomes even more critical.

Pack a few tips to protect your skin when going to the beach this summer!

How can you both protect your skin optimally when you go to the beach and feel comfortable and comfortable? Join us to learn some tips to remember to protect the skin when going to the beach!

Choose a waterproof sunscreen

Sunscreen is always an indispensable item in every woman’s bag, wherever she is. However, with the weather of the specific part of the sea, you also need to pay more attention to your sunscreen to protect the skin most effectively. This is because continued activity, sweating, and exposure to water can cause sunscreen to pass quickly and lose its effectiveness.

Accordingly, the advice is that you should enlist yourself in advance for sunscreen products with high water resistance (waterproof) for both face and body. Besides, you should also remember to reapply sunscreen after 2 hours and before going into the water for 15-20 minutes. For better skin protection and sun protection, you can also refer to sunscreen products that work from the inside and more closely shielded with broad-brimmed hats.

Priority Waterproof cosmetics

Makeup is now an integral part of modern life. However, to suit the outdoor activities at sea, you should minimize your makeup with a thin foundation and prefer waterproof products (long-lasting). Besides, there are several skin protection products on the market despite water activities.

Always prepare a soothing lotion

After a long day of sun exposure, your skin may suffer from adverse effects such as sunburn, burning, or darkening. Seawater contains a lot of salt also makes the skin feel drier. Therefore, to protect the skin, always prepare a bottle of lotion to soothe the skin when needed. A thin, cool aloe vera gel bottle to reduce skin irritation will be a perfect choice.

Make use of blush, bronzer to have brown skin

Usually, many people choose to go to the beach in the summer to be able to own tanned, shiny skin. However, you have another simple option than using blush, emulsion bronzer to effect and refresh the skin on your face.

Protect hair with conditioner

Seawater and pool water often make your hair look sticky and dry and sticky. So you can protect your hair by applying a conditioner before going to the beach or after shampooing. This will help protect the scalp and hair from sea salt and heat from damaging heat.