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Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Keto diet has been making headlines over the last few years. It may seem new to most of the people but the keto diet exists right from the 1920s. Simply saying keto diet is taking a higher amount of fats and the lower amount of carbohydrates.

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Rapid weight loss and diabetes reversal are the major reason for diet getting overwhelming response among its followers. People getting interested in the keto diet is increasing every day and it is not a wise idea to get into the diet without having the proper knowledge. Not only keto diet but also for every diet it is important to do some research before getting into. Getting doctor consultation is also highly recommendable.

What is keto diet?

Ketogenic diet simply called a keto diet is a diet plan that emphasis on high-fat and low-carbs. It puts your body in ketosis mode in which your body burns fat for energy. The reduction in carbohydrate levels in your food intake leads to several health benefits like a reversal in diabetes, blood pressure, psoriasis, and PCOD issues. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of keto diet:

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Pros:  Promotes rapid Weight Loss

In a normal diet, your body burns carbohydrates as energy. Lower intake of carbohydrates forces your body to burn the fat for energy. Hence fat loss will happen more quickly which enables the reduction in weight loss. In keto diet, you can eat as much as you can but you should eat only fats. So there will not be any cravings and you will no longer feel hungry.

Cons: Taking fewer carbs will affect your endurance

The amount of good carb intake is always necessary for the human body especially for athletes who need carbohydrates to keep their body in shape. So your endurance level will come down if you follow a keto diet for a longer period. Since the amount of carb intake is very less than compared to other diets. You need to take a considerable amount of carbs to keep you energized and perform better in your daily activities.

Pros: Helps to prevent cancer

Many short term studies point out that low-carb diets act well in cancer prevention. But you have to wait for long-term studies. One of the major science behind these studies are people who are taking a keto diet tends to fast at least a couple of days in a month. Fasting helps you to increase your human growth hormone and puts your body in the state of autophagy which prevents the cancer cells from getting spread over the body.

Cons: Increases the risk of heart disease:

In keto diet, most of the fat intake comes from meat and dairy products which increases cholesterol levels and thus leads to heart-related ailments.

Pros: it resets insulin sensitivity:

The higher amount of carb intake leads to an increase in glucose levels. By taking keto will help you to reduce the unwanted glucose stored within the muscle cells and also resets your insulin sensitivity.

Cons: sometimes leads to severe hair loss and other vitamin deficiencies:

If not taken properly it leads to several health hazards like severe hair loss and other vitamin deficiencies. Moreover, the keto diet is yet another a formula diet which can’t be followed for a longer period

Final verdict:

Keto diet is much more beneficial for people who suffer from life-style diseases and auto-immune disorders. Normal people who are healthy and strong no need to stick to these kinds of formula diets. Instead, a healthy lifestyle along with regular exercise is more than enough to lead a healthy life.