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DIY: How to Naturally Remove Blue Hair Dye From Hair

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching
How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

Although you may love your blue hair, you’ve decided it’s time to change it. You can go directly to the salon to handle them. However, if you prefer to fade the dye yourself, there are several ways you can apply it with an easy-to-find product. Whichever option you choose, remember that fading your hair can take some time.

1: Stripping Dye with Shampoo

1. Decide on a shampoo

Using shampoos is a great way to fade semi-permanent dyes. However, if you have used permanent dye, then using a cleansing shampoo might not be strong enough to make a difference. This method can permanently fade the color, but it will take longer to do so.

2. Mix some baking soda into your shampoo and warm water

Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent, so adding it to your shampoo can make the fading process faster.

3. Apply shampoo to the hair
Pour a generous amount of shampoo onto your hand and apply it to your hair. Use your fingertips to give your head a good scrub. Make sure your hair is clean.

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

4. Hairpin up.
If you have short hair, you can put it down. Place a towel around your shoulders that you don’t really care about (shampoos and dyes will run and potentially stick to your towels).
5. Put a plastic shower cap on your head and apply heat.
Make sure the shower cap covers all your hair and is securely attached to your head. Use a hairdryer to heat your hair, but pay attention not to keep the heat in one place for too long or you might melt the plastic. The heat will help shampoo discolor your hair.
If you do not have a plastic shower cap, you can use a plastic bag. Wrap it around your head and make sure to open in the front with a clip.
If available, you can also sit under a heated hairdryer. This will evenly distribute heat over your entire head.
6. Leave your hair in the hat for 15 to 20 minutes.
Once you have it sitting, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Curl your hair with shampoo twice more, rinse after every time you use shampoo. When you finish washing, the foam only has a bit of dye left.

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

7. Hair incubation

Rub hair thoroughly with conditioner, making sure your entire head is covered. Then use a towel to warm the hair.

8. Use a hairdryer

When your hair is dry, let it last for 25 to 30 minutes. Wash your hair so that all conditioner products are washed off.

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

2: Stripping Dye with Vitamin C

1. Use 1,000 mg of vitamin C mixed with shampoo.

You can buy vitamin C in sachets, bottles, or powder form. Put your vitamin C in a mixing bowl. If it is not yet a powder, crush it into powder using the back of a spoon, pestle or in a pinch, hammer.

2. Add shampoo to vitamin C.
Use a good shampoo to keep hair soft and healthy. Add the right amount (a little more than you would usually use) to your vitamin C and mix the two ingredients. Make sure there aren’t any lumps and dough that is thoroughly mixed.
You can also mix some dish soap with shampoo and vitamin C if you want to increase the dyeing power of this technique.

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

3. Wet your hair with warm water and apply the mixture.
Using warm water helps open your hair follicles, making dye removal easier. Apply shampoo mixture to your hair. Gather to work with wool and cover each strand from root to tip.

4. Hairpin and shower cap.

This method can be messy, so it’s essential to wear a shower cap while you wait for effective treatment. You should also wrap your shoulders in an old towel because dyes tend to drip down.
If you don’t have a shower cap, you can also use a plastic bag that is clamped on the front or wrapped around your hair.

5. Let process your hair for 45 minutes.

In 45 minutes, a mixture of shampoo and vitamin C will work to get rid of your hair color. Once it is finished, rinse your hair.

6. Conditioner

This is important to keep your hair from drying out or becoming frizzy. This method works on both permanent and semi-permanent dyes. However, everyone’s hair is different. You may have to repeat these steps if your dye is still noticeable.

Method 3: Use household products

1. Add bath salts.

Bath salts, which can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, or large box stores like Walmart, are known to discolor blue and green hair dyes permanently. Run a bath with hot water and add a packet of bath salt. Soak your hair for as long as possible in the tub. When you’re done, your hair dye will fade. Then you should wash your hair and condition your hair. Repeat this process for a day or two if necessary.
You can also stop the sink and add bath salts if you don’t want to soak in the tub.

2. Use dish soap.

Note that this will dry out your hair, so it’s essential to condition your hair thoroughly after using this method. Add four or five drops of dish soap to a quarter-inch amount of shampoo. Take wet hair with hot water and then rinse your hair with a shampoo mixture. Leave this mixture for 10 minutes, then rinse.
Follow this with a conditioning treatment.

4: Fading Dye in the Sun

1. Spend more time outside. 

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without Bleaching

Try taking a daily walk in the afternoon when the sun is at its lowest, as exposure to the natural sun for a few days can also help fade your hair color. Be sure to use sunscreen on your skin and not spend too much time outdoors or your scalp may burn.

2. Use hairspray.

Cover colored hair with plenty of “strong” hairspray. Sit in the sun for as long as possible. Then brush the hairspray, rinse with dandruff shampoo and condition the hair to restore the softness of the hair.

3. Sit in the sun

How to Remove Blue Hair Dye from Hair Without BleachingAlways wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after swimming. Although exposure to chlorine will not discolor your hair immediately, swimming in a chlorinated pool and exposing your hair in sunlight will start to fade your dye.