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Top Best Shampoo for Blue Hair

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair
Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

The biggest concern of women is how to send hair color after dyeing. They spend a lot of time and effort to maintain their hair.

Colored hair can fade very quickly when you are using a regular shampoo. However, if you want to keep your hair fresh, consider using a color shampoo. Unlike ordinary shampoos, these shampoos do not lose your new hair color, nor do it dry like straw.

Blue is known to fade faster than other colors, and it looks terrible to fade. Blue dyes often turn light blue, and none of us expect hair of that color.

If you’re looking to dye your hair blue, then you need to invest in a color-keeping shampoo that will help your hair look new, these shampoos contain low levels of cleansing and oils. Special rinse covers your hair and prevents dye molecules from drifting away.

These shampoos not only help maintain their blue color but also make your hair look smoother and shiny.

Here we provide you with the 7 best color retention shampoos, and they are the optimal solution to save you time and effort for blue hair.

1. Nexus Color Assure Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Nexxus Color Assure shampoo will keep your hair smooth and dry. This shampoo creates a creamy, rich cream that not only protects your hair from fading but also revitalizes your hair.
The shampoo also helps strengthen hair and nourishes hair, thanks to its abundant protein elastin. With white orchid extract technology not only highlights the color but also protects it from fading. In particular, this shampoo also does not contain silicone and sulfate, making it particularly gentle on hair to treat color and less breakage.

2. Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Aveda shampoo brand is famous for using natural and organic plant products. If you are looking for a shampoo that not only preserves your green color but also prevents further damage and drying, Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo is just for you.

The shampoo gently cleanses your color-treated hair without stripping the dye and leaving it soft, shiny, and fluffy. You should use the Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner after shampooing.

Using 100% organic, plant-based ingredients, this shampoo is gentle, luxurious and has a great floral scent. If your hair is dull and frizzy when using other color-keeping shampoos, the lemon-rich Aveda formula is a great alternative.

3. Redken Color Extend Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

One of the most popular color-treated shampoos and you can often see it on display in the hairstylist shop is Redken. If you are looking for a specialized salon for color-treated hair salons, then Redken Color Extend Shampoo is the product for you.

Moreover, the shampoo is infused with a patented interlocking protein network and fading-preventing ingredients. This means that this shampoo will not only prolong your color life, but it will also help your hair get stronger again. It changes the dull color to a more vibrant, more vibrant color with depth and dimension.

Another plus is that it never makes your hair feel heavy or greasy.

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4. Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess shampoo uses a lot of vitamins and essential ingredients to help strengthen the health of the hair. It is formulated with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5, sweet almond oil, coconut oil and hair-saving protein, keratin, a shampoo that gently and effectively removes sweat, dirt, and debris from lightening hair color and protect it from damage.

If you are one of those people with split ends and broken hair after getting dyed, Tigi Bed Head Color Goddess can help you strengthen and smooth it. The protective oils in shampoos form a protective layer on hair that helps to protect the color from elements and free radicals.

5. Briogeo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Briogeo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect shampoo helps reduce fading by preserving natural color. Its unique formula contains turkey tail mushrooms, a vegan alternative that helps strengthen hair; Bamboo leaf extract, a natural source of silica that covers the hair, retains its dye, which is a natural antibacterial and cleansing hair.

Briogeo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Besides, it is free of sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, retinyl palmitate, mineral oil, triclosan, coal tar, hydroquinone and oxybenzone with less than one percent synthetic fragrance.

6. Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Multi-Protecting Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Multi-Protecting Shampoo is a brightly colored shampoo for all blue-treated hair types. It covers the hair shaft with a layer that shields the hair from the harmful effects of water, without affecting the moisture content of the hair.

The Vitamin E and UV filters also provide UV radiation protection, and bran oil helps nourish hairs and give hair shine by maximizing light refraction. Therefore, the color remains the same, and the hair becomes smooth.

7. R+CoGemstone Color Shampoo

Top Shampoo Options for Blue Hair

Blue hair requires a lot of attention and maintenance to maintain its color and health. With hibiscus extract from Egypt, shampoos protect hair while keeping conditioning. Pea extract from India helps prevent discoloration and preserves hair color real. Rice extract from Brazil retains moisture, smoothes our hair, and gives a high shine. Golden root extract from Sweden protects from UV rays and heating tools.