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Simple smokey eye makeup tips for beginners

People with Smokey’s eyes exclude a sense of power when it comes to a signature makeup look. The following techniques for smokey makeup are quite important. You just can’t wear a black smokey eye to a wedding.

Simple smokey eye makeup tips for beginners

There are places and times for everything depending upon the occasion. Smokey eyes makeup is very tricky and hard to nail for beginners. Here are a few right techniques listed below which will help you start from the base.

Materials you will require for perfect smokey eye makeup:

If you have the below-listed materials ready, you can do smokey eye makeup by yourself making you save a lot of money.

1: Primer

2: Concealer

3: Black eyeshadow

4: Black liner

5: Mascara

6: Eyeshadow brushes

There are different colors and shades you could love to try out. Play around with color combinations and experiment with them on your eyes. It can be smokey gold, smokey purple, smokey green smokey brown and many more. Here, Let us understand basic simple tips to apply black smokey eye makeup. As it is the most common type of smokey eye makeup tried out by most people.

How to apply black smokey eye makeup?

Step 1: It is important to clean your face and be prepared before you start any makeup. Apply a primer makeup, as it stays for a Long time making it easier and comfortable to blend the eyeshadows.

Step 2: Use a concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids. Apply then gently over your eyes.

Step 3: Pick out a black eyeshadow, blend out the eyeshadow well so that there aren’t any harsh lines. A smokey eye shouldn’t have any harsh eyes, it should be softly blended at the edges.

Step 4: Applying a gel or a pencil liner as close as you can to the lash line making it more attractive.

Step 5: With black eye shadow smudge it out and blend it.

Step 6: Pick a liner to blend the liner under the eyes smudging it our to create a smokey effect.

Step 7: For final touches, apply your favorite volumizing mascara for a perfect radiant look.

Interesting tip: Using eyeliner with smokey eyes is key to making your eyes pop and attractive. Without eyeliner, eyeshadow use can make your eyes look tired. Choose the waterproof eyeliner of best brands based on your makeup up. It is always best to go with a black eyeliner. If you are looking for natural glowing minimalist makeup, then go for black smokey eye makeup.

Final thoughts:

Simple smokey eye makeup tips for beginners

These steps are easy to implement without anyone’s help. Black smokey eyes are dramatic, bold and go well with all kinds of outfit giving you a rich look. The black smokey is a classic and is perfect for a night out at the club. You can also try out black with other colors such as gold, green and many bright colors. Follow through with it step by step for the best results. You will get stunning rich smokey eyes to look in just 10 minutes.