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Simple ways to find the best blush colour for your skin tone:


Women’s carry a makeup tool with them, no matter where they travel. They don’t leave home without making use of makeup products. One of such makeup items is a blush. Blush is one of the simplest makeup material that will keep you looking fresh all day when applied on your cheeks. Blush is the best touch-up material. Some people might not know when and how to make use of the blush. This article might be helpful for you as it provides you with few tips to choose the best blush for fair, medium and dark skin tone people.

1: Blush shades for fair skin tone:

The best option is to choose a blush that goes well with your skin undertones. The reason is that it will give you a natural look. Other than that, Soft pink, light coral and peach blush shades work well for fair skin tone people. Wear a soft pink and peach shade for a natural look and for a pop of colour. Peach blush shahs will look fantastic on everyone. Applying blush shade matching your skin undertone will give you the extra definition of nice shades resulting in a delicate look. Peachy-pink shades go well for pale skin tone with dark eyes and hair.

2: Blush shades for medium skin tone:

If you are a medium skin tone people then try out rich pink, warm and deep peach blush shades. Also, deep peach blush shades will be more suitable for people with golden undertones. This suits well for warm undertone people. For a pop of colour use a rich pink blush. This combo makes a great deal with the rest of the makeup. This shade will give you a rich look and gives depth to medium skin tone females. To avoid confusions, try to find a blush shade with suits neutral skin undertone.


3: Blush shades for dark skin tone:

Women with dark skin look wonderful if they wear deep berry, warm brown, raisin and tangerine blush shades. Cream blushes are the best option to get a high impact colour that still looks natural and fresh. Darker skin tones can wear almost try out any blush as it suits them well. For a cocoa-hued woman, a shade with purple notes such as magenta or ruby pink will result in simple delicate look.

Final thoughts about choosing the right blush shade:

Choosing the best blush shade that matches your skin tone is an art. But most women often make the wrong choices by choosing blush shade. They tend to choose a shade that is too dark or too light for their skin tone. Always use a blush as a component of your look rather than considering it as a statement piece to achieve a more natural skin. It’s always advised to have a clear study about the shades of blush that suits your skin tone before making use of it. Thus, these tips might be beneficial for you to choose the right shade.