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Sunscreen wax stick – Benefits for women

Women’s never-ending sunscreen theme has the appearance of a new product: sunscreen wax stick. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this rookie compared to previous sunscreen lotions and lotions?

Sunscreen wax stick - Benefits for women

Not only sunscreen, but the world of cosmetics today is also extremely diverse with countless sun protection products in the form of sprays, powders, and tablets, which help the skin protection more convenient and useful. Recently, ingot wax has continued to become a new trend when appearing in many photos or videos of beauty lovers. What is the reason it is so popular?

Simple to use, convenient

Sunscreen wax stick - Benefits for women

The wax texture is the element that makes up most of this sunscreen product line. Specifically, it helps to apply more quickly and easily. No need to pour the product on your hands and then apply it to your skin, sunscreen wax shortens these steps into a single step: apply the product directly on your face. This method of use will also make it easier to reapply sunscreen during the day; there will be no product on the hands or clothes.
Easy to carry daily

Sunscreen wax meets the requirements of every girl in terms of usability. The compact design in the palm makes it easy to fit in every bag. The waxy texture also eliminates the risk of product melting in the bag.

Does not create a greasy feel

Unlike other types of sunscreen cream, milk, stick sunscreen feels dry, does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. You do not need to wait for the product to absorb it, you can still apply it in multiple layers, saving quite a bit in the morning.
Limit the product on the eyes

Sunscreen wax stick - Benefits for women

The problem of sunscreen can accidentally get into the eyes, causing a burning, uncomfortable feeling that can be solved by sunscreen wax. The concentrated wax formula allows you to apply the product precisely to the required areas, and the thick and hard-melting wax makes the eye area protected safely.
He Saem Eco Earth Power Clear Sun Stick contains botanical extracts and natural oils and vitamin complexes to help prevent environmental damage such as sunlight, wind, pollution, and dust.

Sunscreen wax stick - Benefits for women
A unique feature of AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick is the UV Alarm Feature system (UV sensor) integrated into the ingot cap. When placing the product in the sun, the lid will show more or less UV rays by turning blue-violet. A darker color means more UV light.