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The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

As usual, the Fall is also the “race” of the Fall-Winter fashion advertising campaign of fashion houses. The images and videos in the campaign are not merely fashion, but behind them are interesting stories that brands want to convey to the grave. Let’s refer to Cafeup.net some of the most impressive advertising campaigns of Fall – Winter 2019.

Chanel – Classic elegance

Modeled by French fashion editor Caroline Roitfeld, the Fall-Winter 2019 advertising campaign has just launched a new trend with the participation of models Mona Tougaard, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Vittoria Ceretti, Kris Grikaite and Jing. Wen. The Winter Wonderland themed collection focuses on highlighting the model on a white background and minimalistic makeup. The photo series is like a Chanel revelation about the BST, featuring tweed fabric, houndstooth motifs, oversized jackets, and pearl accessories. Upcoming bags are also featured in this photo series.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Dior – Inspiring feminism

Similar to the feminist spirit in the Fall-Winter 2019 Collection, this Dior’s Fall-Winter advertising campaign is inspired by the British cultural group about the Teddy Girls, from only the group of women wearing inspired costumes inspired by the dress style of the Edwardian dynasty. The main inspiration since designer Maria Grazia Chiuri led Dior, and feminism is present in most of the French brand’s fashion products. Through the lens of photographer Brigitte Niedermair, the series completed the task of upholding the feminist spirit through the slogan “Sisterhood is Global” or “Sisterhood is Powerful” printed on T-shirts.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Gucci – Historical record

Gucci launched the Fall – Winter 2019 advertising campaign named Prêt-à-porter with a series of photos inspired by the history of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s by photographer Glen Luchford. “The campaign is a story about items, not characters because the wearer will tell the true story of fashion,” the brand’s intro on the topic this time. With striking designs such as vignette blazers, sports shoes with a new look, or oversized leather jackets, Gucci deserves to be at the top of the fashion houses with the most impressive advertising campaign of Autumn – Winter 2019.

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Saint Laurent – Elegant impression

Besides the familiar muse Freja Beha Erichsen, Saint Laurent’s Fall-Winter 2019 campaign, has a unique guest character: Allie, a white-faced monkey, standing on the model’s shoulder and next to a blue bag olive. The question is, will the monkey appear on the next stage? With the guidance of stylist Alastair McKimm, the series focuses on highlighting designs that enhance the beauty of the body, such as a black skirt and a tuxedo jacket.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Louis Vuitton – Bold style

Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2019 campaign featured three actresses – Léa Seydoux from France, Samara Weaving from Australia, and Zhong Chu Xi from China. The series of photos was taken by Collier Schorr – artist, photographer, and collaborator with AnOther Magazine. For this collection, designer Nicolas Ghesquière said he was inspired by the multi-racial mix of Pompidou Center Square (France). As for the outfit, stylist Marie-Amelie Sauve specially created accents in patchwork details, single layers, and bold lines.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Alexander Mcqueen – Trendy 

Kate Moss continues to represent the face of Alexander McQueen’s Fall-Winter advertising campaign in 2019. Previously, the supermodel had appeared in the brand’s advertising series in Spring 2014. This scene was chosen in a rural area of ​​England through the skillful hands of photographer Jamie Hawkesworth. The elegant suits exuding class, exquisite dress to every detail attached, plus the creative direction of M / M Paris has launched a campaign to appeal to the eyes of the world.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Burberry – High-class classic

Designed by Riccardo Tisci, the Burberry Autumn-Winter Collection 2019 focuses primarily on coats and prom dresses, with a unique cloak, life jacket, and cotton designs. “The core value we want to create is to build Burberry from a house to an identity,” Tisci said. “This advertising campaign explores many aspects of British culture and how they coexist.” Through the lens of Danko Steiner and Nick Knight, the campaign is carried out both in the studio and at sea, producing romantic but compelling photos that blend into Burberry’s upscale classic.

The Best Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2019

Givenchy – New beauty

In the Fall-Winter 2019 advertising campaign, Givenchy invited the famous singer Ariana Grande as the face to represent the photo series. Besides, the fashion house also invested an interesting short film about the photoshoot of the vocalist ”Thank you, Next” Still Ariana Grande with a high ponytail, this one takes a different perspective of her, bringing a more artistic breath, with unique bulging and beaded outfits.

“I am very proud to be Givenchy’s new face. The brand has always been a house I admire, and I am extremely honored to be part of that family, ”the singer shared. “I love the costumes here, the confidence, and the joy it brings to the wearer.”

Versace – Imperial manner

The high-class and luxurious aesthetic is the highlight of the Versace Fall-Winter 2019 campaign. The trendy collection includes fur coats, stone cloaks, and colorful leather handbags featuring black skin models Kaia Gerber and Anok Yai. Background brick and cement background in contrast to classical velvet interior create unique contrasting scenery. In that royal space, the image of the poet Donatella Versace is subtly recreated through each portrait under the artistic lens of photographer Steven Meisel.