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The Best Makeup Tips and Cosmetic For Hooded Eyes


If you are miserable because you spent an hour to make eyeliner, finished drawing eyeshadow, until opening your eyes, it is like not having makeup just because your eyelids collapsed. So this article is for you, refer to these 8 great makeup tips! Lethargic eyes, such as drowsiness or eyelid drooping, mean that you have an excess skin covering the upper eyelid, making the folds almost obstructed. So even though fake creases drawn with makeup aren’t the prettiest makeup, you don’t need to give up on your eyes. Happy Skin has talked to several makeup experts, who all agree that emphasizing eye shape is the secret to beautiful makeup for eyelids. All you need to do is make your eyes feel enlarged with a little makeup, notice a few small steps like applying an eyeshadow primer, and invest in highlighting products, open eyelashes. Read on to find out the secrets for the eyelid eyelids from top makeup artists!

Determine eye shape

Everything starts from the most basic, and means you need to look closely at your eyes in the mirror. Looking directly into the mirror will help you check your eye shape, and help you see how wide your eyelids are when you fully open your eyes. This helps to position the winged liner or to find and accentuate eyelid folds, as eyelid eyes often come in many different shapes and depths. Consider this as a very simple yet essential step to “drafting” your eye makeup cycle.

The black curled lashes are a great highlight

Thick, curved lashes are well-groomed mascara, exalts the beauty of the eyelids, because it will be difficult to see your eyelids when opening your eyes. Press the eyelashes curled then hold the mascara in a horizontal position and gently shake your hand to focus on the eyelashes, making the eyelashes look thicker and deeper eyes, then gently stroke towards the bottom of the lashes. You should not apply eyeliner and put more emphasis on the mascara step by using more layers.

Smoky eye effect with eyeliner

Most makeup artists agree that perfectly straight lines are not suitable for eyelids because it makes the eyes look smaller. They recommend using a smoother liner to make the lines look softer. Draw along the lash line, and then gently rub the line with your brush to create a smoky theatrical effect. If you prefer a cat eyeliner, draw a thin line, and do not fling the tail too hard.

Eye color scheme

The idea is to emphasize eye shape to create depth. Therefore, the use of neutral and warm tones (such as taupe) will be the secret to enhance your existing features. Aim for natural makeup styles with light and gentle tones. This will make the eyelid feel wider and make your eyes look bigger and more refreshed. If you like smoky eyes, go for brown and bronze tones, as opposed to darker tones. Apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid until the folds, then spread evenly to remove the dividing line, making the eyes look more natural. After that, use a pencil brush, gently contour the border of the lower lashes, gradually darken toward the tail to possess a smoky eye style that looks extremely attractive.

Always use eye cream

We all feel lazy at the moment and skip the step on eyeshadow, and the makeup artist emphasizes the importance of this step. Use a primer to keep the eyeshadow and eyeliner in place — often smeared and stuck to the drooping eyelids — that lasts longer.


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Transparent eyelid with nude crayons

Now it’s time for the multi-colored nude eyeliner pencil that we all have in our makeup pouch so that we can line the waterline with this pen. Waterline contour in the lower eyelids with a gray-white eyeliner pencil, for example, the product of Wander Beauty makes the eyelids appear more prominent. You should use nude eyeliner instead of white to create a more natural and sophisticated feeling. Whatever you do, don’t line the lower eyelid with a dark marker. Not only does that make your eyelids look sluggish and tired, but it also makes your eyes look smaller.

Do not use colored emulsion on the eyelid folds

Going back to eyeshadow, makeup artist reminds you not to use emulsion palettes “in and above your eyelid folds”, because the emitting effect of the emulsion can give a feeling of warm-looking eyes droopy or swollen. However, you do not need to say goodbye permanently to the tones of emulsion: “A bit of the color of the eyelids from the eyelid contour to the folds is sufficient because the skin in this area is usually tighter. Matte tones should be used only for the pleats and above the creases.

Fake eyelashes – the secret to charming eyes

Once you’ve decided on your favorite eyelash and mascara, it’s time to find the perfect set of false eyelashes to enhance the eye makeup cycle. Finding the right lashes is essential. Ideally, you choose for yourself the short fake lashes that are sharply curled towards the tail. This type of fake eyelashes helps your eyes open wide and more radiant.

Do not forget the eyebrow pencil

The last step to complete eye makeup for her eyelids is significant and essential in any makeup: eyebrow. The sharp eyebrows make a face instantly awaken while balancing and creating a harmonious overall.