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Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

Although skincare hard-working without paying attention to these factors, the skin is still dull, poor vitality, especially when the environment is polluted as today.

Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality
Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

A soft, glowing skin is the dream of most women. However, many girls are still working hard on their skin, but their skin is not beautiful but pale. Have you ever encountered such a situation? The reason why the skin is down, darkened even though you take care of your skin regularly?
In the following article, we will show the causes of dull skin and practical solutions.

Dead Skin Cells

Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

One of the main factors that make skin less toned is due to the accumulation of dead cells on the skin’s surface. Every day, millions of skin cells die, and many other cells are born. New cells shed old skin on the top surface. Unless you have the right cleaning solution to remove these dead cells, your skin will gradually darken and dry out. This is why you still own dull, pale skin, no matter how many skincare products you apply.

Remedy Measures: Exfoliating

Work hard to exfoliate regularly 2-3 times a week with the right product. For oily or acne-prone skin, choose a chemical scrub or a gentle gel to avoid damaging your skin. For dry skin, choose a gel-like product that adds moisturizing properties to make it smoother. Combination skin is more natural to choose; you can want to physically exfoliate or have beautiful scrub beads to deep clean the skin.

Environmental Pollution

Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

Smoke and environmental factors not only affect health but also cause serious skin damage. In particular, in severe ecological pollution today, the protection of the skin is essential. In the polluted air, there are many dirt and toxic substances that inadvertently promote the development of free radicals. As you probably know, free radicals are the “culprit” that destroys collagen bonds and stimulates the production of melanin in skin cells. So over time, the skin becomes pale, poor vitality. When skin tones are uneven, instead of reflecting light, the skin will diffuse, so the skin is duller.

Remedy: Cleaning Skin

This is a critical skincare step that any woman needs to remember. Usually, the skin cleansing process will consist of two necessary steps: makeup remover and facial cleanser. There are many types of makeup removers suitable for each person’s skin such as water, oil, milk, wax. As for cleanser, most dermatologists recommend choosing a pH below 7 to balance the moisture on the skin, helping skin not to be a dry stretch.
One more note is to avoid using soap or alcohol products to minimize irritation to the skin. Today, many women choose to use a face wash machine instead of rubbing their hands because it will increase the effectiveness of deep cleansing without causing the skin to sag.

Skin Lack of Moisture

Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

No skin is healthy if there is not enough moisture. The lack of moisture not only makes the skin dry but also makes the skin look gray and weak. When fully moisturized, the skin will be smooth and healthier.

Remedial Measures: Using A Moisturizing Product

One of the nutrients with excellent moisturizing properties for the skin is hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient has a high ability to retain water, keeping the skin moisturized and supple. After cleansing and applying toner, moisturize your skin with serums or lotions containing hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture.


Hard-Working Skincare But The Skin Still Dull Poor Vitality

With the hustle and bustle of life today, the pressures at work make you prone to insomnia and fatigue. At this time, cortisol levels in the body will increase, causing adverse effects on the skin, causing dull skin and lack of vitality.

Remedial Measures: Relaxing

There are many solutions to relieve stress, such as facials, yoga, meditation. Besides, you can perform a steaming method to help unclog pores to remove dirt out of the skin. On the other hand, do not forget to set yourself a scientific activity regime such as sleeping early and getting enough sleep, eating healthy to enhance the body’s resistance in general, and the skin in particular.


UV rays in the sun not only accelerate the aging process but also weaken the skin texture. Gradually, over time, the skin will cause more problems such as dark spots, freckles, dark spots, etc. Whether the sun or the rainy season, the negative effects of the sun can cause skin damage.

Remedial Measures: Using Sunscreen

Most dermatologists in the world recommend that women keep their sunscreen routine daily. Sunscreen helps not only skin, not sunburn but also an active barrier layer of skin protection. Besides, do not forget to reapply every 2-3 hours and choose the type with high SPF to help the skin be optimally protected.