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The strong revival of lip gloss

Similar to fashion, the beauty wave also repeats in a cycle. A lot of the beauty trends of the last decade have been active again. Among them, the most significant is the rise of the sexy beauty that is honored as a symbol of the 2000s: full and juicy lips.

The strong revival of lip gloss
The strong revival of lip gloss

During the period from 2014 to mid-2018, no girl seemed to resist the charm of Kylie Jenner’s thick, full-lip lips. The standard of this new beauty has led to the throne of the creamy lipstick. They become secret weapons in the bag of every stylish girl.

Until Rihanna launched the famous Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Ariana Grande appeared in the MV “Thank u, next” with glossy lips and brands continuously introduced new lip glosses, the last female was unable to ignore the intense revival of this trend.

The strong revival of lip gloss

However, it is the efforts to improve the quality of lipstick, color, grip from the new manufacturers that are the most compelling reason why women are willing to receive the revival of a monument that seems to belong forever past.

Gentle texture

Lip gloss of the 2000s is often associated with adjectives: glossy, sticky, uncomfortable. The hair sticking to the lips or the lip color of the shirt is probably not strange to girls living in Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Mandy Moore took 24-hour airtime on MTV. But now, despite rummaging through department stores, I’m afraid it will be challenging to find a lip gloss with such properties, in case you want to recall the past.
Lip gloss formula of 2019 is not as shiny as oil, not sticky like glue but conversely, fragile and comfortable. Chanel, Dior, Sulwhasoo, Clé de Peau Beauté make use of the moisturizing ingredients in lipstick to enhance the gloss without causing discomfort to the user. Besides, the common disadvantages of the lip gloss of this brand are significantly improved, Dior’s latest Addict Stellar Shine lipsticks can hold the color for up to 8 hours, not inferior to a solid lipstick.

Moisturizing effect

The common point of most new-generation lip gloss is the ability to moisturize the lips. If before, lip gloss brings a sleek appearance and moisturizing effect seems to be zero, now, they integrate the use of nourishing the lips as much as a lip balm. Aloe essence in Dior Addict Stellar Shine, coconut oil and vitamin E in NARS Multi-Use Gloss, jojoba oil in Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb or shea butter in Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss not only useful for lip care right in when applying makeup, but it also improves the fullness of lips over time.

The strong revival of lip gloss

Various effects

What makes the new-generation lip gloss formula so unique is the incredibly diverse shade of color. To compete with the endless color palette of matte lipstick, cosmetic brands have continuously expanded the effect for lip gloss from classic shades such as light pink to trendy like nude, orange, and red-brown and daring like purple, gray.
Not stopping there, the new generation lip gloss is boldly unique with special effects. Dior Addict Stellar Shine offers three options: metallic, mirror-coated, sparkling; NARS Multi-Use Gloss shimmering glitter; Chanel Rouge Coco Flash is as shiny as it can look on the lipstick. The tiny crystals today are especially favored. They appear in a lip formula, synergistically with moisturizing ingredients to amplify the gloss, juiciness of the lips.