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These 5 Exercises to Lose ‘Baby Fat’ After Pregnancy

One of the obsessions of women after childbirth is the beauty and stature reduced severely. Women often face the most common problems are the large waist, thicker belly fat, sagging skin, rough physique. So, losing weight quickly is also one of the common pressures during this period. Exercising regularly right after birth is not only good for your health but also reduces the risk of postpartum depression. Therefore, Cafeup.net invites you to refer to the simple exercise to regain a maiden physique.

5 exercises to help you get in shape

Inhale & Exhale

Starting with breathing movements enables you to warm up your body and regulate breathing gently to familiarize yourself with the following exercises. This exercise is straightforward to help relax the muscles, start the process of toning the abdominal muscles.

Sit upright and breathe deeply, breathing air from the diaphragm upwards. Hold tight abs when breathing in, relax as you exhale. Gradually, when you have a lot of time, you can flex and hold your abs longer.

These 5 Exercises to Lose 'Baby Fat' After Pregnancy

Head lifting

This is a pretty useful exercise for women who are sagging in the waist or waist with fat postpartum fat. The way to practice is quite simple, and you can do it quickly.

The first is to lie on your back on the floor, and knees are bent, arms are placed along sides of the body. Then take a deep breath and exhale while trying to lift your head, your arms, and palms still close to the floor. Hold for a few seconds, and then relax. Once you get used to this position, you can gradually raise your head to make the exercise work better.

Standing forward fold

This exercise helps you lose weight quite well and bring a beautiful waist and strong abdominal muscles. The movement of abdominal muscles in this exercise also helps you a lot in your postpartum health training.

To do this exercise, she stands upright with her feet parallel and 30 cm apart, bringing her hands behind her back and holding her hands together. Then keep your back straight, slowly bend forward, keep your feet steady and raise your hands, away from your head. Take a few deep breaths, then slowly straighten up and repeat the same movement.

These 5 Exercises to Lose 'Baby Fat' After Pregnancy

Tilting hips

This stretches the muscles in your hips, which helps you avoid hip pain as well as bring you a healthier, firmer waist.

You need to stand upright arms and legs about 1m wide. One hand is on the hip; the other is raised and leaned to the side of the hip. Then turn to the side with his hand raised, the other in the middle. The same is done on the other side.

Abdominal exercises

The effect of this exercise is to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. This exercise can reduce fat, postpartum abdominal stretch, and give mom a slim waist.

Start with your kneeling position, your hands and feet standing 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground. Then you inhale and keep your head up and try to bend your back parallel to the ground.

Each movement does not limit the number of times you perform; however, you should exercise vigorously to ensure health.

These 5 Exercises to Lose 'Baby Fat' After Pregnancy

Appropriate exercise time after birth

While people often think that giving birth to a lot of energy, after giving birth, women have to abstain from exercise for 6 months, even after just a few days with normal mothers.

Depending on the situation of standard delivery, cesarean section, or episiotomy, you will have a different time to start the body and exercise. For women who give birth often, in good health, exercised throughout pregnancy, it only takes a few days after birth to do some gentle exercise. If the cesarean section takes place, the time to start exercising will take longer, usually about 4 to 6 weeks after the doctor confirms that the incision has healed. Particularly for cases of cut or tear the perineum, women need to heal wounds before training fully.

Notes when you exercise after giving birth

Appropriate diet

In addition to following postpartum exercise, you also need to combine with a sensible diet. This will help you improve your health and soon regain your “ideal” physique.

These 5 Exercises to Lose 'Baby Fat' After Pregnancy

Do not be impatient

If you didn’t exercise or exercise a lot during pregnancy, don’t rush to lose weight after birth. Wait for the first visit after the postpartum period, usually a month later, when it is concluded that your body has recovered completely, start with gentle exercises, then increase gradually.

Do not breastfeed your baby right after exercising

When you exercise, your body produces lactic acid. This acid will pass into the milk and make sour milk affect the baby’s health. You need to include enough water after exercise to compensate for the loss of water when your body is sweating. Thus, the body has enough water to produce breast milk for babies.

These 5 Exercises to Lose 'Baby Fat' After Pregnancy

Do not exercise when hungry and after eating

When you are hungry, you will not be able to perform the exercises, making you dizzy and nauseous. And exercising after a full meal will slow down the digestion of food and disorders affecting the stomach and intestines.