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Tips for skincare and makeup for beginners

When starting to enter the world of beauty, you must have felt extremely “bewildered” by the variety of cosmetics. Where are the proper skincare steps? What makeup and product will suit me? Dozens of questions about beauty appear in girls who are in the process of “makeover” themselves. Don’t worry, let Cafeup.net suggest your skincare and makeup tips that are very helpful for beginners.

Determine the type of skin

First of all, we have to determine which skin type we own, so choose the appropriate beauty products for ourselves. The nutrients will be maximized when used properly with compatible skin types. There are 4 common skin types: oily, dry, combination and normal skin.

Tips for skincare and makeup for beginnersFor women with oily skin, the sebaceous gland will work higher than normal, resulting in a shiny face and especially oiling in the T-zone. What kind of skin peeling, tightness when touched? That’s exactly the sign of dry skin and needs to be supplied with moisture regularly. If your skin is oiled in the T-zone but dry, irritated in other areas, you probably have combination skin. If you find that your skin does not have any of the above-mentioned problems and is almost flawless, then you are lucky to have healthy skin.

Makeup remover is an indispensable step

After determining your skin type, we will begin to take steps to skincare. Makeup removal is the first and indispensable step in the beauty process of most women. Remember that future skincare classes will not work if you do not perform this cleansing step.


Tips for skincare and makeup for beginners

Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil of The Face Shop with the extract of rice bran oil and jojoba helps to deepen the makeup while providing essential nutrients to brighten and smooth skin. more membrane. Use the emulsifying method so this makeup remover oil can maximize its use. With an oily texture, soothing and non-irritating to the skin when used daily, this product quickly won the hearts of beauty lovers over the years.
Use cleanser in skincare steps
After we complete the makeup remover, we will begin to cleanse our skin with a facial cleanser. Many people think that the face wash is very fast so do not pay too much attention to choosing products for this stage. In fact, the cleanser helps to remove deeper dirt, while restoring moisture to dehydrated skin and building a basic foundation for the skin to be able to absorb substances in the following steps. best.

This product is a combination of powerful antioxidant ingredients and vitamins A, C, E combined with many proprietary technologies. The environment of dust, pollution is also one of the causes that make the skin quickly dull and appear signs of aging. At this time, Essential-C Cleanser cleanser with the purpose of preventing and removing bad impurities from the outside impacts on the skin. You will quickly own youthful, shiny and healthy skin after only a short time using this product.


Toner is one of the products that support the pH balance, and also helps to tighten pores, regenerate and moisturize the skin extremely effectively. Moreover, this water also has the ability to remove wrinkles and slow down the aging process. You just need to put a sufficient amount of water on makeup remover cotton, then massage gently on the face and feel the change in the positive direction of the skin.


Tips for skincare and makeup for beginners
Laneige Water – White Dew Skin Refiner penetrates deep into the skin to help cool, moisturize and brighten the skin.

Laneige Skin White Water – White Dew Skin Refiner is a combination of White Grass extract and proprietary skin whitening technology to help even skin tone, bring a radiant appearance to women. The water-like texture quickly penetrates into the skin immediately after use without leaving a greasy or unpleasant sensation. This product has been chosen by many people not only for its miraculous moisturizing effect but also for the ability to nourish bright, fair skin, which has helped this type of water score plus points in the eyes of beauty lovers.

Use moisturizer

The last step indispensable in the skincare cycle is the process of using cream. Depending on the skin type of each person, we will have many different choices of product lines such as skin whitening, acne prevention, darkening, melasma … However, whether owning any kind of skin or In any case, the provision of adequate moisture must always be at the forefront. In fact, a moisturized skin will become healthier, and at the same time has more resistance against external aggressors.


Tips for skincare and makeup for beginners

If you are still looking for a comprehensive skincare product, definitely do not ignore this product. With extracts from almost all-natural ingredients such as soy, chamomile, olive oil helps the skin to be supplemented with antioxidants, moisturized, extraordinarily capable of making Bright and smooth skin. With so many uses in one product, DHC Q Quick Gel Moist & Whitening quickly become the choice of busy girls but still want to spend time to love and care for their skin.


When talking about beauty, we have to mention the most popular product of young people today – paper masks. The regular mask from 1-2 times/week will have a deep cleansing effect, tighten pores, and enhance skin moisturizing. This product has a lot of uses, but the price is exceptionally comfortable, so anyone can buy and use it.


Tips for skincare and makeup for beginners
With eye-catching designs, diverse uses, this product quickly became the first choice of beauty lovers.

Innisfree – My Real Squeeze Mask is made from 100% pure cellulose and eucalyptus wood, so the paper structure is fragile and close to the face, so the process of absorbing nutrients of the skin is carried out effectively and quickly. The essence is extracted from natural ingredients such as green tea, rose, honey, to help skin provide moisture and necessary nutrients right after use. My Real Squeeze Mask EX has many different types, diverse in use, such as whitening, intensive treatment, moisturizing to help women easily choose the product that suits their needs.