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Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term

With textured fabric and unique surfaces, costumes made of velvet, tanning, silk, sequin, suede are always “obsession” of many girls. To properly preserve clothes while extending the life of your product, update the secret of caring for your outfit with the most “tough” fabric.

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term


With its soft, soothing, and skin-friendly properties, silk is one of the most popular fabric fabrics and is also the most difficult to make. Instead of washing silk clothes with a washing machine, you should wash your hands with cold water and clean them with shampoo for children. For dry-cleaning designs, you should follow the instructions on the clothing label to avoid discoloration or damage to the fabric.
After washing, you should not dry silk clothes in a washing machine or directly twist. Instead, spread the clothing flat on a soft cloth and use a damp cloth to absorb moisture. Before drying, you should shake vigorously to straighten the fabric. Should dry clothes in the shade, avoid direct exposure to sunlight because the fabric color may be changed.
You should limit ironing from silk. If the fabric is very wrinkled, use the iron with a cold or warm setting. Then, hang the clothes on a hook in a cupboard so they won’t crease.

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term



Real suede clothing often cannot be cleaned at home. You can only take them to specialized stores. If your outfit is made from synthetic suede, you can clean it with a washing machine or by hand.

The only way to dry clothes from suede is to spread them on a flat surface and avoid direct sunlight. As for clothing, turn it upside down and cover it with a soft cloth or towel. Then, use the iron in the lowest heat setting.

Suede outfits need to be stored in a dark place because skin colors can fade very quickly. To avoid mold and dryness, cracks, make sure your clothes are dry and wrap them in the newspaper. Do not use nylon bags to store clothing.

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term



Unlike silk, velvet garments can be machine washed or dry-cleaned. You should carefully check the product label before cleaning it. Of course, dry cleaning is still the best option for all fabrics.
In order not to leave marks on velvet, hang clothes with soft, padded hangers when drying. Iron should not be used at the lowest heat to straighten clothing from velvet. In order not to lose the characteristic softness and shape, you should use a steam engine and do not place the machine too close to the surface of the fabric.

Besides, you should not fold clothes from velvet because the folds will wrinkle, and it is challenging to recover. If you want to save closet space, girls can put soft tissue in the middle of the folds. However, the best way is still hanging velvet clothes with a hooked head.

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term



With a surface covered with decorative details, cleaning and preserving sequin-attached clothes is a challenge for many girls. Although it can be washed by hand, machine, and dry cleaning, sequin applique is still quite “fastidious.” If washing by hand, use cool water and mild detergent. Turn clothes upside down while washing and scrub gently to avoid damaging the sequin.

You can place sequin-stained clothing in your underwear pocket when washing machine. Similar to manual washing, you should use a mild detergent and, at the same time, adjust the washing mode to the lowest spin cycle.

After washing, you should not twist or use the washing machine to spin. With great weight and lots of details, sequin-covered clothes should be dried out by spreading them on a clean towel or drying rack.

Similar to other materials, sequin may melt under the heat of a regular iron. So you should be attire with the machine being steam. Fold and wrap the clothes in a paper towel to avoid scratching the surface of the sequin or getting caught in other clothes.

Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term


Leather tanning

Depending on the instructions on the label, you may wash your clothes by hand or dry clean them. If you wash your hands at home, use warm water, thin soap, or baby shampoo. When drying clothes, the girls do not twist and squeeze out the water because this will make the skin surface more wrinkled.

Leather tanning outfits usually do not need ironing. In case of necessity, you can place pillowcases from cotton or linen on the surface of the fold. Then, gently press the iron to warm up the pillow cover for a few seconds.

To keep the shape of leather clothes, you should hang them with wooden hangers, plastic, or padded cloth in a cool, spacious closet. For long-term designs not in use, you should wrap them in old newspaper.