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A Watercolor Tattoo: Facts For You Need To Know

Painterly tattoos are nothing new, and it’s not uncommon to see someone inked with a masterpiece like Waterlilies or Starry Night or even The Scream.

What You Need To Know Before You Get A Watercolor Tattoo
What You Need To Know Before You Get A Watercolor Tattoo

But a new style of tattooing is becoming increasingly popular, and while there’s no denying it’s an artistic appeal, some tattooers caution against it.

Besides hair, art tattoos have become a popular “detachable accessory” for many people in nearly a decade.

Today, most young people own at least one big or small tattoo, or they will intend to. Tattoo is now no different than a piece of jewelry; only this piece of jewelry when being worn up requires the owner and the worker to spend a lot of sweat, effort, and pain. The tattoo has a symbolic meaning of spirit, memory or merely aesthetic perception that requires the owner to take responsibility for itself, because it will stick with the owner for a very long time, even forever.

What You Need To Know Before You Get A Watercolor Tattoo

Tattoos always have a particular ability to attract others. And owning a tattoo today is no longer too difficult, strange.

1. Choose a tattooer that is mindful and appropriate

Choose a worker who is responsible and adequate for his or her personality.
A true tattooer is not only good at his artistry but can also inspire customers, where there are stories of joy and sadness as well as the spirit of both of them in every tattoo. If both of you find a lot of sympathy for each other in each story or philosophy, then surely that tattoo is the worker for you.

Besides, know that the long-time workers can handle all styles of tattoos well, but each person has a knack and style. Some people specialize in color tattoos, geometric tattoos, mantras, animals, caricatures, etc. Understanding the style of each person’s strengths is a significant investment if you love tattoos as well as yourself.

And if you do not know what style will be, choose a famous location with many diverse styles. Coming here, you will be consulted to find your own identity. And of course, you can’t ask for “good and cheap,” because “you get what you pay.”

2. Listen to the artists

Tattooer understands your body with tattoos more than you think.
As said, real tattooers are not only good at painting; they must have extensive knowledge and dedicated advice for each customer. The human body is not a piece of paper; It has many different shapes, different properties, time also plays a role in changing the things imprinted on the skin … So listening to the advice of the tattooist is essential.

Colored tattoos, of course, will be beautiful and impressive, but only a few years later, things will be different. Therefore requires you to take care and pay for preservation, regular color miles. The tattoos that run on black ink border have a long frame life, and surely good tattooists will pay attention to this detail because after some time even though the ink color inside will fade, the stroke will be sharp and Coloring is also easier for them and for the customer.

3. Please consider depending on the working environment

Everyone wants a cool boss like this man. Art tattoo is a beautiful trend, I think and so do you because we are young and have a liberal mind. However, interlaced tattoos are also not welcome in the workplace or government. US soldiers have tattoos, but they forbid them from appearing on the neck, below the elbows or under the knees.
Try to get tattoos in hard-to-see places or covered clothing. Symbols that are too big to pull on the arm, right on the neck or on the fingers are things that cannot be hidden. If you work in an open and artistic environment, then be carefree!

4. Don’t be afraid of pain and be prepared psychologically

Tattooing will hurt, but it depends on the location of the image and is not so terrible as you think. The mechanism of the operation of the tattoo machine is to prick the color under your skin with a needle, it is only more burning and uncomfortable than shaving and hair, except for those near the bone.
However, it is not the needle or the worker that the fear of psychology is the biggest obstacle when overcome, and a tattoo is only a small problem. When you feel strange or uncomfortable expression, you also have to tell the tattooer right away, which is usually a matter of psychological rather than physical.

5. Store tattoos after completion

Art tattoo is what will stick with you all your life. Take care of them carefully, especially after tattooing. Ignoring the advice of the tattoo artist will cause the work to be colored and damaged. It just costs you money, regret but also makes the reputation of the worker affected.

Do you have a watercolor tattoo? Share your experience with us in the comments!