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Tips to choose the best color concealer

The best way to use concealer is after applying the foundation. It works better with the foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve the appearance of a smooth even skin tone. In case of dark circles, tired eyes and scars choose a brightening concealer and apply them over the darkest areas. This will result in a bright radiant skin tone in 5 minutes.

Green concealer is the right choice to get rid of red zits whereas purple concealer minimizes yellow spots and orange concealer takes care of dark circles. The detailed description of how the concealer works on different skin tones is given in the forthcoming passage.

Tips to choose the best color concealer

Picking the right color

Before picking the right color for your skin tone, a proper understanding of color theory will be easier and more beneficial for you.

1: In complementary colors, the following are the three basic complementary colors that you will use for color correcting:

  •  Yellow with purple
  • Red with green
  • Blue with orange.

2: The concealer of one color shade will reduce the discoloration of its complement for most of the color-correcting types.

3: The exact opposite color may overcorrect sometimes, making your skin look lifeless. In this case, use a color next to the discoloration’s complement for natural skin.

4: Most popular color-correcting concealers are single shade except the oranges concealers and peaches concealers as they come in different shades. For in case, choose a deeper shade for darker skin tone people and pastel shades for lighter skin tone people.

5: A normal skin tone concealer is recommended to be used over color-correcting concealers for enhancement.

Tips to choose the best color concealer

Use a bright orange for dark skin tone

A bright orange concealer works great on dark skin tone people as it works great for many different types of discoloration such as acne scars and hyperpigmentation around the lips.

1: You can apply the orange concealer for the entire face for a radiant look.

2: If you have blue-toned under-eye circles, orange is the color of choice for correcting them on medium to dark skin.

3: If you have a lighter skin tone, using orange concealer as a bronzer for contouring your skin as it is the right way instead of using a color correcting. Orange concealer will be too bold to work but it can brighten your eyes with a light salmon color-correcting concealer.

Lavender concealer for yellow or sallow skin tones

Purple concealers work well to neutralize the yellow skin tones.

1: Lavender concealers can be used to cover up to age spots and old bruises.

2: Like orange concealers, lavender concealers can also be used for the entire face. If you are using a color corrector following this method then you need to consider a tinted primer as an alternative.

3: If you have a natural skin tone, that is healthy and fresh you will not need to correct your skin.

So choose the best color which is suitable for your choice. Before applying the concealer use a good moisturizer and primer for natural and best-enhanced results.