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Tips to prepare your makeup when traveling

The following tips will help you rearrange your makeup, so you’re always beautiful wherever.

Makeup is always an indispensable accessory of women, especially on the trip. But how to arrange them properly and save space in bags that are already too cramped for clothes and other items? This article will help you!

Tips to prepare your makeup when traveling

Plan your makeup kit

Before starting your tour, consider what the most necessary makeup pieces for a new place are. For each different land, each different location, you will have a different makeup kit.

Make up for hot climates.

Places with hot climates will be convenient for excursions and unleash so much fun with outdoor activities, but it also accidentally harms the skin. The heat causes the sebaceous glands to work hard, leaving more natural oil and always creating a greasy and uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, in your makeup bag, you must have a type of cosmetics that can control oil for skin. Such as:

  • Choose an oil-control cleanser, moisturizer for skin, sunscreen for oily skin to regulate the amount of oil stability.
  • Choose a moisturizing cream with mild nature, oil-control base powder with ultra-fine dry particles that can absorb oil quickly.
  • Oil absorbent paper is always available in the bag to use anytime, anywhere, especially for oily skin, oily skin acne needs to carry more oil absorbent paper than normal skin.

Tips to prepare your makeup when traveling

Make up for cold climates.

Some like the summer sunshine and some love the cold of winter. But the cold weather made it very easy for the skin to dry, and it was challenging to apply perfect makeup at that time. Therefore, moisturizing is the most important thing for this type of climate.

Tips to prepare your makeup when traveling

The essential item in makeup bags in cold climates is moisturizing cosmetics for dry skin such as moisturizer, moisturizing mineral spray.
For makeup, choose creams, and foundation creams that provide moisturizing water such as cushion, BB cream.

Makeup when going to the beach

Tips to prepare your makeup when traveling
Summer is the season for beach trips. But soaking in seawater combined with intense sunlight is very easy to cause black skin and sunburn. And sunscreen is an indispensable item in your inventory.

Usually, the sun on the beach will be more intense, so to protect the skin best, you should choose the physical sunscreen with SPF 50+ sunscreen.
Besides sunscreen, she should also equip more liquid foundation creams, lining creams with lip gloss, waterproof mascara to make makeup last longer.

Tips to help you prepare makeup

Powder: Add a cotton pad to remove makeup from outside.
Liquid cosmetics: Add a layer of wrapping paper or cream tape on the top of the bottle before closing the lid to avoid cosmetic leakage in the bag.
Perfume: Use the sock to put the bottle of perfume on, then put it inside a shoe. A wax-based bouquet or transferring an unfinished perfume into a spray bottle is another suggestion.
Cover your makeup brush: Use a plastic bag to wrap the top of your makeup brush before putting it in your pocket if you don’t want bacteria on your skin.
Wearing the trial sample: The cosmetic products are always compact, sufficient, and packaged.
Stacking tightly: Try to stow tightly to prevent cosmetic jars from colliding and causing breakage.
Bring enough: Most skin care creams are usually in glass jars. You should extract an appropriate amount into smaller, lighter vials, such as mini medicine containers.