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Top special lip balms in the cold season

When the weather is cold and dry, you will probably be very uncomfortable with peeling and chapped lips. In particular, due to the nature of the work sitting in the air-conditioned room all day, your lips are more likely to dry out, looking less vital. At this time, a good lip balm will be the perfect remedy for smooth lips always. Let us suggest some good lip balms that are worth your investment in the cold season.

Top special lip balms in the cold season

First, we will review the criteria to choose a lip balm for treating dry lips.

The note when choosing a lip balm

Prioritize calming ingredients

Lanolin: a wax derived from wool, capable of moisturizing and softening effect.
Beeswax: a moisturizing and anti-dehydrating ingredient in the skin, is a natural antibacterial.
Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil are also great moisturizers for lips.
Besides, dermatologists recommend looking for lanolin, squalene, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, which are also the right active ingredients in lip balm.

Keep away from irritating ingredients

The first ingredient you should avoid is salicylic acid. Although it’s purported to exfoliate, salicylic acid can make the skin more dry and flaky. Typically, lip balm with cooling properties will contain camphor, menthol, and phenol. While these provide a refreshing, relaxing feel, these ingredients make the lips more prone to drying out.

Choose a lip balm with a sun protection index

Sunlight is also one of the factors that make dull lips look less vibrant. A lip balm with spd will help you protect beautiful lips from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Top unique moisturizer for dry lips

Dior addict lip glow

Top special lip balms in the cold season

As a faithful beauty follower, you probably can’t help but know about Dior Addict Lip Glow. Since debut, Dior lip balm has won the hearts of women. The Reviver technology in Dior Addict Lip Glow can release active ingredients, helping to improve lip pigmentation. A soft, moisturizing lipstick that keeps lips supple throughout the day.


Top special lip balms in the cold season

The composition of the black rose is the unique highlight from Givenchy lipstick. It is this ingredient that nourishes lips from deep within, helping nutrients penetrate deeply into each cell. Smooth lip balm, when applied to lips, can vary depending on the pH of each person’s skin. The lovely sweet candy scent makes it hard to resist. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl leaves a glossy, non-heavy lip layer. The product is the perfect choice for your lovely lips on cold, dry days.


Top special lip balms in the cold season

Fresh lip balms from Fresh are always the best choice for women. From packaging design to lipstick, surely, Fresh Sugar Lip will make you satisfied at first sight. The composition table contains high levels of vegetable oils, including castor oil, grape seed, avocado, wheat germ, apricot, and jojoba. Also, the beeswax ingredient prevents dehydration along with a high sun protection index to help protect lips from UV rays.


Top special lip balms in the cold season

If you own lips that are easy to peel off and crack, lip balm from Philosophy will be the perfect choice for you. This product is more of a specific treatment than a regular lip balm. Like a sweet kiss on the lips, Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight brings perfect moisturizing effect. The lips are always smooth and smooth, with a hint of mint and vanilla fragrance.


Top special lip balms in the cold season

The special edition lip balm from Avène is specifically designed for those who often suffer from dry and chapped lips. The renowned Avène mineral water can instantly soothe dry lips. Avène Care For Sensitive Lips has a sweet raspberry-like fragrance. Like other special lip balms. Avène Care For Sensitive Lips is also rich in shea butter and white beeswax, which helps reduce dryness on the lips. Beloved lips are deeply nourished to stay smooth and fresh.