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Transform makeup with taut skin

Jennifer Lopez’s “If You Had My Love” debut in 1999 had topped the Billboard charts for five weeks and became one of the best-selling singles of the ’90s. , what beauty believers care about this music product is Jennifer Lopez’s smooth, shiny skin in the music video. The term “J.Lo Glow” describes her plump, youthful skin as one of the most searched terms for European and American women for the next few years.

Transform makeup with taut skin
Transform makeup with taut skin

Incidentally, for nearly a decade, beauty lovers in Asia have not once again considered glow as the destination in both skincare and makeup. The pure, smooth skin of skin originated from Korea became a wave that spread across five continents. After decades of development with many trends coming and going in the world of pollen, the glow has always been the favorite beauty.

The revival of a trend

During the period 2014–2015, block blasting was the technique most popular with beauty artists and makeup artists. Millions of makeup tutorials on YouTube were born to guide contouring, bronzing, and baking from easy to difficult, accompanied by the rise of the trend showing angular cheekbones and jawbone angular, typically Kim Kardashian’s sculptured face. Up to now, the powdered and light-catching powder is still the most outstanding product of the KKW Beauty brand founded by this girl.
The popularity of the “tight guillotine” movement trend has overshadowed the quiet, natural beauty. However, never the concept of glow depicting shiny, radiant skin from within actually disappeared from the beauty dictionary of women. The proof is the hashtag #glow that earned 6.9 million results on Instagram, while this number was 4.7 million for #contouring and 3 million for #bronze.

This spectacular comeback can be explained by the development of beauty trends originating from Korea – where sparkling, crystal clear skin is considered the highest standard of beauty.

From social networks to e-commerce sites

It can be said that glow is the foundation of all current beauty trends. Smoked skin, glass skin, or dewy moist makeup style, semi-matte shaded even though the costly transformations, the skin looks like the center of focus. A sophisticated 10-step skincare style or 7-skin method fosters the beauty community for a long time because of the promise of clear skin.
The glow trend entails the continuous development of skincare and makeup products that make the skin shiny and healthy. In the first quarter of 2018, sales of beauty products in the UK increased by 19% over the same period last year, mainly highlighting and highlighting creams, according to a report by NPD Group.
Earlier this year, Chanel also launched a multi-function Baume Essentiel that can be used as a primer to increase the gloss of the foundation or to spread on the cheeks, nose bridge, and the middle like a highlight cream to increase the shine of the skin. This is one of Chanel’s most mentioned products in Spring-Summer 2019.
Alexia Inge, co-founder, and CEO of online retailer Cult Beauty (UK) said more and more customers are searching for products related to the keyword “glow” on this site. Specifically, in 2018, the number of searches for “glow” increased by 104%, and “glowing” increased by 400%. But this number is growing even more strongly in Korea – where plump skin is a prerequisite of all beauty. Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer, a product that brings succulent effects to the skin, is out of stock in just 4 hours of launch. Asleep mask in the same line with superior moisture supply, providing a silky, moist effect, also burns
goods immediately upon release two years ago. It is still the best-selling pair of this brand to date.

Transform makeup with taut skin
Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

The glow trend is associated with a change in women’s perceptions: tight skin is a sign of a well-cared body, a good health foundation. No longer absorbed in concealer and covered with thick chalk, women now prefer to put their skin in its most natural state, showing off its full vitality from within. More than anyone, they understand that it is not the top layer of makeup, the skin underneath is the proof of youth.

Transform makeup with taut skin
Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Gel Cushion

Recipes for a smooth foundation

  • Applying a moisturizing mask before applying makeup will help the background to stretch and shine more radiant.
  • Using a combination of cheek color and highlighter in the cream will give a double plump effect.
  • The cushion is always a better choice than a foundation in creating a strong shine for the foundation.
  • Loose powders will reduce the appearance of puffiness, instead of applying a foundation spray on the final step.