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Definition Watercolor Tattoos & Time They Last

What Are Watercolor Tattoos & How Long Do They Last?
What Are Watercolor Tattoos & How Long Do They Last?

Currently, watercolor tattoos have recently become extremely popular among tattoo enthusiasts, and this means that there are many frequently asked questions about them.

Many questions have been raised that watercolor tattoos are not powerful enough to last with time.

This article will give you the exact answer about a watercolor tattoo and its shelf life.

What Are Watercolor Tattoos?

Watercolor tattoo – is a new style that is becoming more popular. Basically, a watercolor tattoo is an imitation of a watercolor work – that style is the only thing that makes it different from “classic” tattoos.
Watercolor styles are created using color frames, shapes, shades. Without a certain format and no stereotype, watercolor tattoos allow artists to take different approaches to their creativity.

What Are Watercolor Tattoos & How Long Do They Last?How long does a watercolor tattoo last for?
The true concern of tattooists about the tattoo style with watercolors is its durability.
In fact, although the tattoo ink of this style has very durable links on the skin. However, when using the watercolor style, tattooists need to push the mixing level between colors. And especially sometimes saturating the ink color tattoo on customers’ skin.
Therefore, a traditional tattoo using simple colored ink will have a “longer life” than a watercolor tattoo. Of course, if the worker is skilled, the watercolor tattoo is still very durable so people can be assured. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that in case you decide you want to remove the watercolor tattoo, it will be more difficult than the traditional tattoo.

What Are Watercolor Tattoos & How Long Do They Last?
This watercolor tattoo healed really well and has hardly any noticeable fading over the space of a whole year

Choose The Right Artist

To make sure your tattoo looks as good as possible for as long as possible, you should choose an artist who has experience with this tattoo style and create the product as you expect it.

Don’t just choose the cheapest artist because they can easily make a few wrong moves, which can eventually lead to tattooing fade much faster than when it was created in the hands better when it was first created.