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Weight loss foods are not as easy to use as many people think

Losing weight by food will replace the strenuous exercise is the wrong thinking of many people. Just by taking weight loss supplements, you will get a good physique – if only this were true. Here are 06 common “illusions” that a lot of people are still confused about food for weight loss.

Weight loss foods are not as easy to use as many people think

Hoodia South Africa cacti is a weight-loss food, which helps reduce cravings

Fact: According to Health magazine, it’s unclear whether South African cacti – a trendy ingredient in weight-loss diets – will make fasting more comfortable, although Some preliminary evidence of this herb’s powers. “Hoodia is reported to reduce the hunger of travelers in the desert,” explained Roberta Anding, director of sports nutrition at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston (USA). The main active ingredient in Hoodia is a compound called P57. The study found that when injecting P57 into animal brains, they ate less, but the effect did not seem to be seen in people taking the Hoodia capsule, Anding said.

Weight loss foods are not as easy to use as many people think

Hoodia has not been studied in humans, and its ability to suppress hunger in humans is currently speculative

I do not need to diet or exercise if I take weight loss supplements products

Fact: There is no functional weight-loss food with a proper brand and a reputable source, dare to claim that they are a substitute for exercise and diet. You can find it right on the packaging of the supplement, the instructions for accompanying the user, and indeed there is always a reminder about combining with a healthy diet – workout.

Even the Alli weight loss pills that made the world storm many years ago (but were recalled in the US in 2014 due to counterfeiting problems) cannot replace diets that are considered the motivation for dieting.

Drinking green tea helps burn fat

Fact: Green tea extract may promote weight loss, but drinking weight loss foods containing green tea or a cup of fresh green tea daily does not have much effect on long-term and severe overweight meaningful.

Weight loss foods are not as easy to use as many people think
“Any effect you see from green tea is probably due to caffeine,” said Tod Cooperman, MD, president of independent testing company ConsumerLab.com, although a compound called EGCG ( epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea may also be useful. “A stimulant will make you burn calories if it makes you excited and move more,” explains Dr. Cooperman. “And green tea contains some prefixes of caffeine – stimulants that help wake up and excite.” But for people who are overweight for too long, a little stimulation from caffeine is not enough to beat the heavy feeling on the move, they still follow their familiar daily routine, and this can not help them reduce scales.

Bitter Orange is a safe alternative to ephedra

Fact: Ephedra was once a popular weight loss herb in the US until it was discovered that 155 people died, and dozens had a heart attack or stroke after taking the herb. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerted consumers and sent a ban notice to 62 drug manufacturers. Recently, the bitter orange extract has emerged as a safe alternative to royal jelly. But this is causing a new controversy. Because bitter oranges contain synephrine, a substance similar to ephedrine (the main active ingredient in ephedra), and some experts believe it carries the same risks. “It can be as dangerous as a hippopotamus,” said Dr. Cooperman.
While some other experts have argued that the dangers of bitter oranges are inflated, we recommend being cautious. Choose a different weight-loss food that is safer because the evidence to reduce the weight of bitter orange is still not strong enough.

Weight loss food is of American origin, so it’s safe and effective

Fact: Most Vietnamese consumers prefer weight loss foods from the US because they think they are safe, tested. This, unfortunately, is the biggest mistake you can make. Counterfeit and unapproved goods are still widespread in the US market. Whether your family member can take functional foods from the US or you buy from “a 100% reliable source of US origin” does not guarantee that the drug has been tested.

The American people believe that weight loss foods displayed on shelves are government-approved and approved. In a 2008 study, Saul Shiffman – senior scientific advisor at Pinney Associates (Pittsburgh) and colleagues, found that 54% of weight loss drinkers believed that the FDA had approved what they drank. It wasn’t until recently that the FDA released a list of 69 weight-loss foods that contain poisons like laxatives, diuretics, prescription weight-loss drugs, and many others that aren’t listed above label, may harm the user.