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What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

The chilly weather of autumn is a good time for many couples to get married. Depending on the location as well as the interests of the pair, each wedding ceremony has different dress code requirements that make the guests confused. The “wedding dress code dictionary” below contains standard rules and recommendations for choosing a wedding dress.

What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

Please keep a list of tips for not having to worry when selecting wedding attire.

Things we need to avoid

Modern wedding ceremonies are organized in many different forms. The theme of the party, dress code is usually chosen depending on the preferences of the bride and groom. However, this unique event still has rules that apply to most wedding ceremonies.

Avoid wearing a white dress code

This is considered a “secret rule” for wedding attire in many parts of the world. Wedding attire should be formal and not “overwhelm” the main character. Therefore, you should also avoid similar colors such as creamy white, ivory not to match the bride’s wedding dress.

However, this rule has an exception for wedding banquets that are required to wear white. At this time, a dress shirt, white jumpsuit, or simple designs with a medium length are a perfect choice.

Do not carry large bags

This is not a mandatory rule when attending weddings, but carrying handbags or cross-body bags is a highlight to help you look more elegant in all situations. Save the tote bags for busy working days.

What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

Mini bags are the perfect accessory for formal parties. Besides, this is also a “props” great photography. If you feel clumsy when taking photos, a clutch will “save” for you.

Do not wear jeans

Jeans are a favorite item of many girls because of the dynamic, easy to coordinate. However, this item is often considered to be inadequate for formal parties. If you do not like the dress, jumpsuit or suit flat ironing are the two safest options. The suit and waistline suit are “making the rain” in the autumn-winter season of 2019 is also a wedding fashion suggestion for personality girls.

Wedding fashion suitable for guests

Many modern couples often hold two wedding parties for two different guests. Therefore, you should consider who your guests are. If this is a party with the elderly, too “daring” costumes will be an inappropriate choice.

Choose costumes depending on the nature of the event

In addition to the dress code listed on the invitation, you can find photos of the wedding venue to visualize the atmosphere of the party, thus deducing the most suitable costume.

What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

The daytime wedding ceremony and outdoors

Outdoor parties are “dream wedding” of many couples. Cold weather, soft sunshine, yellowish-changing leaves are the cause of autumn becoming the most popular wedding time. When attending these parties, you should avoid wearing black, sparkly beaded and sequin fabrics as they are suitable for darker parties.

Instead, you can dress in simple colors with bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, purple, these colors not only create sweetness but also stand out against the blue sky and natural grass flowers.

The tones with contrast to the green color of nature help your photos more balanced in color. Mustard yellow is a piece suitable for weddings at sea.

Conquer dress code – wedding fashions for daytime celebrations held outdoors

Formal wedding ceremony

What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

Luxury weddings are usually held at night, so black and white dresses are often required. Little black dress with high heels is a simple combination but suitable for modern weddings. To create accents for the costume, you can add gold accessories.

Weddings in solemn places

Many couples choose a temple or church as the venue for their wedding. The wedding fashion for attending this event will be a little different. The dress “closed high wall” is an appropriate choice. If you feel that the costume is not formal enough, the shawl will be the “last resort” to help you look more groomed and luxurious.

What To Wear Dress Code On Wedding Occasion

What Do You Wear to Work When Your Job Has No Dress Code?

White and black are two popular party attire colors. However, people often avoid choosing these two colors when attending weddings. Black is often associated with unlucky things or called this “funeral color.” Meanwhile, wearing white to marriage is considered taboo in many countries. So, if the wedding does not have a dress code, you should still refrain from wearing these two tones.

For day parties, you can choose neutral pastel tones. Pale colors that absorb less heat create a fresh, comfortable feeling. Meanwhile, the deep colors: wine red, dark purple, navy blue combined with luxurious gold accessories are suitable for night parties.