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What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

We often choose outfit colors based on mood, circumstances or weather. But have you noticed that there’s always a much more favored color in your wardrobe? If you think it was a coincidence, no. Researchers have proven that the color of your favorite outfit can tell you a lot about your personality and your thoughts. They carry more psychological meaning than a mere color on the surface of clothes.

So what color do you love and what does that say about you?

Red – cheeky

According to research, red is a stimulating color that affects the brain and increases blood pressure and heart rate. Psychologically, the color red shows boldness, aggressiveness, and strength in character. If you’re fascinated by the red outfits, your life is certainly driven by unstoppable passion, passionate energy, and a characteristic outward personality. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for you to be prone to being impatient and having difficulty controlling your anger.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Yellow – Liberal

Looking at the yellow color, everyone can feel the freshness and fun-filled on every design. According to color studies, those who love this color often have a dreamy personality, like to explore, conquer and possess a remarkable sense of humor. The yellow outfits show you are suitable for creative work, active and extroverted lifestyle requirements. Believers of yellow, you are definitely a girl hugging hope, ambition and the will to explore and conquer nothing.


Orange – dynamic

Orange is a unique color. It is the overall harmony between red and yellow. The orange costumes show you are warm, sociable and easy to make. You favor community activities. Crowded places, especially social networking events, will be the ideal place for you. Less passionate than red, interspersed in your character is an upbeat look, friendliness, kindness and a strong assertive spirit.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Green – Friendly 

Just a glance at the green makes it easy to feel the bright, fresh. The color gamut of nature has the meaning of optimism, positive and peaceful characteristics. If you regularly wear green designs, your life must be very energetic, fun and sociable. Being open, friendly and helpful to others helps you to develop strong, envious relationships. Sometimes, you become a little “stubborn” because of the need to express yourself and assert your personality among the community too drastically. Ignoring other people’s comments is not a good habit!

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Blue – “sentimental melancholy”

Contrary to red, blue has been shown to help regulate heart rate and blood pressure. It was easy to grasp the personality of the green devotees as being sensitive, introverted and acting on emotion. Not surprisingly, you often get stressed because you cover up so many things on your heart. However, instead of bothering others with your fatigue, you choose to understand, share and sacrifice and help their difficulties. A typical characteristic of blue believers is loyalty to perfectionism. Sometimes, this personality is sometimes extremely extreme when you become stressed because a small detail has just deviated from the inherent rotation.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Purple – romantic

Purple is a color gamut that is a mixture of red and blue. Since ancient times, regal purple has been favored by royalty because of its special and rare origin. Up to now, this color is still prevalent with the meaning symbolizing artistic sense, romance, and creativity. People who are attracted to purple will have a balance between the fire of passion and calmness, controlling their emotions and reason well. However, the purple outfit also shows you embody a variety of unpredictable personalities. Socially, you’re constantly pursuing interesting and somewhat complex relationships.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Pink – Momentum

Indeed, it is undeniable that the feminine and lovely appearance that pink brings on each outfit. A color study has recognized that pink is one of the symbols of hope. See if your closet is filled with pink? If so, you must be a gentle, gentle and especially romantic girl. Besides, in social relationships, you always care and understand. Let emotions overwhelm reason is also characteristic of girls who love pink.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Black – unique personality 

Surely black is an indispensable color in the wardrobe of all believers. According to psychology studies, black is considered an indicator of prestige, strength, seriousness, and intelligence. The fact proves that the black outfit reflects a well-groomed taste, professional manner and possesses great ambitions. Underneath that layer of clothing will be a “treasure” of secrets that secrecy is definitely a prerequisite. In social relationships, you protect yourself by hiding yourself safely over certain distances. However, along with the somewhat stubborn assertiveness in appearance is a subtle inner and need attention.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

White – freely

The white design certainly cannot be absent from the list of 5 bullet points to help you conquer the minimalist style. Pure white shows the free girl’s personality, liberal and confident to challenge all barriers. White clothing is always a priority on important occasions because of its professionalism, prestige and positive energy. Her favorite white color often prefers a simple lifestyle, neat and organized manner. Besides, the white devotees especially attract people in naive features and permanent optimism.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality

Brown – Sincere

The brown color represents the earth, life, and earth. When it comes to brown, we often think of stability, safety, and reliability. Because brown is a blend of many different colors, the personality symbolizing brown is also deep and quite complex. If brown is “taking over” your closet, then surely you are a girl who loves quietness and leads to a stable life. Brown clothes give others a sense of security and trust in you. Unlike the sincerity and enthusiasm in relationships, you often choose your own empty loneliness.

What Your Clothing Colors Say About Your Personality