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Why Are Parabens & Sulfates Bad?

Parabens and Sulfates often appear in products that we use every day, such as shampoos, shower gels, lipsticks, deodorant rollers. Parabens and sulfates have always been the talk of many beauty believers around the world, revolving around rumors of their uses and harms. Let Cafeup.net learn ten things you may not know about them.

Why Are Parabens & Sulfates Bad?

1. Two ingredients Parabens and Sulfates often found in beauty products

Parabens, a chemical found in the 1950s to combat odor-causing bacteria, is usually included in products such as deodorant rollers, body lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and other products.

Sulfates are active ingredients in foaming cleansing products like toothpaste, shower gel, and shampoo.

2. Potentially harmful to health

Several scientific studies show that parabens can mimic the action of estrogen hormones in the human body. Estrogen is known to be associated with some types of breast cancer in women. Similarly, parabens are also found in breast tumors.

Sulfates are thought to break down protein structure in the body, leading to a state of cell membrane state. Besides, sulfates are also thought to be associated with pathogenic cases involving the heart, lungs, and brain in the human body.

3. Are allegations about these two components true?

There is no reliable scientific evidence that parabens are linked to cancer cases. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review said that the maximum safe concentration of sulfates is 50% if they are thoroughly washed off the skin surface.

4. Prevention is better than cure

Currently, on the market, many cosmetic products do not contain these two ingredients; they are commonly identified as parabens – free, sulfates – free or without parabens and sulfates. Therefore, users can search for products with “identification” as above. To protect your health as well as to prevent unwanted cases; It is also advisable to read the ingredients beforehand.

5. Sulfates are not suitable for your hair

Research shows that sulfates have the potential to cause hair dryness, damage to the scalp, fade hair color, and possibly break hair thinning conditions.

Why Are Parabens & Sulfates Bad?

6. Where are sulfate-free products?

Researchers on the chemical composition of cosmetics say, to limit products containing sulfates or to find a genuinely exact product called sulfates-free; You need to find cleaning products that are mainly extracted from fruits, fruits, or vegetables. How to choose such products?

7. Identify products that contain sulfates?

Sulfates are considered the main ingredient in shampoo products. Therefore, if a product contains sulfates, you will see the name sulfates listed at a relatively high position in the product ingredients table. It also shows the importance of reviewing the ingredients table before deciding to invest in any product.

8. Identify products containing parabens

For parabens, recognizing whether parabens appear in the composition table requires relatively close observation. Parabens are also known by many other names such as: “butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben, Alkyl hydroxybenzoate or parahydroxybenzoate.” Therefore, the fact that you notice the appearance of the above names also means that the product contains the ingredient parabens but is written under a different name.

Why Are Parabens & Sulfates Bad?

9. Can ingredients replace parabens?

Paraben-substituting ingredients may include products that use ingredients such as ethylhexylglycerin (plant-based) or phenoxyethanol, a paraben substitute, naturally derived ether alcohol. Products containing these replacement ingredients are considered to be the ideal choice for consumers.

10. There is always a limit to the use of cosmetic products

One truth that cannot be changed is “Chemicals are chemicals.” You cannot wholly avoid chemical components if you continue to use cosmetic products. Therefore, one of the most valuable advice of experts is the rotation of cosmetic products within a specified period. Rotating the use of cosmetic products over some time can help the skin as well as the body to limit long-term exposure.
However, the chemical components brought into cosmetic products must undergo thorough research and censorship before being delivered to consumers. Therefore, choosing products with legitimate origin is one of the necessary things to protect and take care of your body correctly!

Why Are Parabens & Sulfates Bad?