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Why is green tea so popular?

Consuming green tea benefits us in many ways. Green tea is good for our health, skin, hair and body. Most people drink green tea without knowing its benefits. Most people consume Green tea due to the presence of its low caffeine levels and high amounts of antioxidants property. Due to its antioxidants property, green tea is best known to cure acne and scars. Green tea can also be used with other ingredients for best results including,

Why is green tea so popular?

1: Apply Honey and green tea

2: Green tea with Apple cider vinegar

3: Tea tree oil and green tea

4: Aloe Vera and green tea

5: Lemon and green tea

6: Olive oil and green tea

Well, these are a few properties of green tea and let us see how it relies on curing ache and scars.

Why is green tea so popular?

How does green tea help cure acne and acne scars?

1: Green tea is rich in catechins. Catechins are natural antioxidants that help cell damage and destroy acne-causing bacteria.

2: Green tea also has a very strong anti-inflammatory property to reduce the redness and inflammation that is often caused by ache.

3: Green tea has the strength to control and treat hormonal imbalance that can often lead to ache.

4: Large pores on your face will allow dust and grease to stick into them resulting in pimple formation.To get rid of this Green tea is a very effective treatment that helps clean and refine your pores on your face.

5: Scars and pimple marks that are left behind the ache is cured by the antioxidants property present in green tea.

How to use green tea to treat ache?

Green tea is an effective treatment for refining pores on your face, protecting your skin with antioxidants, removing clogged dirt and grease and preparing your skin for hydration. Using green tea is a simple process suitable for every skin tone.

1: Prepare some green tea and leave it cool completely.

2: Wash your face with facial cleanser and dry your face with the towel

3: Spritz the green tea on the affected parts of your face and let it dry.

4: Rinse your face with cold water after 20 minutes

5: Dry it with towel smoothly and apply moisturizer.

This treatment will be more effective if you consume green tea regularly. Learn to accomplish it in correct manner.

Why is green tea so popular?

Final thoughts about consuming green tea:

A good quality green tea is the best solution for all your skin problems. But finding one is a little difficult. So, always try to avoid green teas that are packed in cardboard boxes. The best options are to choose the green tea that are in the form of tea bags.The reason is that foil-lined bags will preserve the fragile antioxidant content present in green tea. It helps to boost your skin and body’s overall health. Consuming Green tea is the best treatment to cure acne and scars on faces instead of using other chemical products. They are available on your local store at affordable prices.